10 Places to Visit to Enjoy Your Trip to Lonavala

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There are many places in the Indian state of Maharashtra. But the one that is worth the visit and time is Lonavala, considered to be a wonderful retreat for honeymoon couples and families alike. Khandala and Lonavala are twin hill stations located close to Mumbai and heart of Sahyadri Hills. It is indeed the perfect getaway for those who want to escape the city life and to rejuvenate their mind & body. The remarkable views provided by the mountain peaks, the lakes’ glittering water, historic castles and caves are quite interesting. This place is well connected both by rail and road from both Pune & Mumbai. This hill station can be visited at all seasons, but the best is during monsoons as it offers picturesque natural beauty.

As a tourist, there are several things to engage with. You can check out the gushing waterfall at Bushy Dam, visit Tigers Leap to have birds eye view or peep at the majestic Rajmachi Fort known for its architectural magnificence. Also are popular Lohagad fort and Bhaja caves. You can relax at Ryewoodpark known for its natural beauty or indulge in some adventurous activities like hiking or trekking at sausage hill and Nagphani. Do remember to visit Pawna Lake. The best hotels in lonavala are sure to enhance your trip and moods. There are plenty of hotels in the region. You can choose the one that fits your specific budget and preferences.

  1. Tiger’s Leap: This is an amazing place to be from where you can guess height of the peak. it has derived its name after a cliff top resembling that of a leaping tiger. It is located on the route to Bushy dam and is a great stopover. You can check out the waterfall splashing into the stream during monsoon season. Several watersports related activities are present here for those adventurous at heart like swimming and rafting. From this beautiful cliff, you can get to see the valley. It is also ideal to go on a trek.
  2. Bushy Dam: It is among the most visited places in Lonavala. Here, you can get to see an artificially created waterfall from the dam’s gushing waters during monsoon season. Since water will be of high intensity during monsoon, swimming is restricted. Located on I.N.S. Shivaji Road, there is several public transports to reach this dam.
  3. Lonavala Lake: Constructed by TATA Electric Company in 1876, it is among the most beautifully constructed artificial lake in the region. The purpose was to conserve Shirota and Valvan reservoirs. Currently the lake serves dual purpose during the monsoon months as a reservoir and as an excellent picnic location. You can engage in various types of activities like bird watching, fishing and swimming.
  4. Bhaja Caves: It is among that must visit spots of the region constructed by Buddhist nuns around 200 BC. The caves are the remainders of architectural marvel of those bygone era depicting sculptures like prince on chariot, animals like tigers and elephants. In total, there are twenty-two rock cut caves that are significant. The last cave has a small waterfall and a pond close to it. The caves are picturesque and shows great work of art and excellent Indian mastery.
  5. Rajmachi Point: When travelling to Pune from Mumbai, it is considered to be the perfect destination to be. Rajmachi Fort is visited by thousands throughout the year and it was one of Chhatrapati Shivaji’s fort. Around the fort are several historical monuments. Two small forests surround the fort, namely Manoranjan and Shrivardhan. Besides historical artifacts, the point is well known for diverse topography, with dark, thick forest on one side and the remaining three sides with deep valley.
  6. Lohagad Fort: This fort exhibits architectural magnificence and was constructed as a prison in 1564. Later, it became Chhatrapati Shivaji’s treasury. This hill fort is known to be located at a height of 1050m and resembles that of a scorpion’s fang. This fort is an archaeological and architectural wonder and provides tourists with bird eye views of Bhaja and Karle caves. It is open throughout the year to be visited by tourists.
  7. Nagphani: It is also referred to as the Dukes nose. The cliff top resembles that of a snake hood. It is known for its magnificent topography and is quite ideal for hiking and trekking. During the trek to Nagphani, you are likely to find several important tourist destinations, thereby covering them at a time.
  8. Ryewood Park: This park sprawls with different types of floras, thereby providing a stunning place where you can sit & relax. Kids are sure to love this place and the scenic beauty is sure to mesmerize everyone. It had once been designated to be a botanical garden. Later, it got changed to be transformed into a spectacular park for locals and tourists to visit and enjoy.
  9. Sausage Hills: For adventure enthusiasts, this hill is considered to be the ultimate destination. It provides different types of activities like mountain climbing over the rugged terrains, forests and caves, hiking, trekking, etc. The hills are undoubtedly an amazing natural habitat for different tips of exotic and interesting flora & fauna. Here, you can get to view few of the beautiful looking birds throughout the expedition.
  10. Pawna Lake: If you are eager to spend quality time to relax and check out the natural surroundings, then Pawna Lake is definitely the place to be. A dam has been created on this artificial lake across river Pawna. It is the best perfect picnic destination to be. Across the lake, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. You can have a mystifying view that is likely to satisfy you right to the core. The lake’s tranquillity & calmness is sure to refresh your soul, mind and body.

It is only with proper planning and creating a well-researched itinerary that can help you to enjoy the Lonavala and ensure that no important spot or activity is missed out during the trip.