10 Things That Happen When You’re an OverThinker

10 Things That Happen When You’re an OverThinker

Overthinking is a general phenomenon that occurs when you aimlessly ponder about a traumatic past experience in a cycle that seems to go on for an eternity. Being enveloped in a bubble of ambivalence at a grocery store where you’re regretting the moment you awkwardly smiled at the wrong person, might be a like a piece of meat stuck in your teeth that agitates every time your tongue slides through it. 

Can you imagine your teacher as an over-thinker; from appreciating Shakespeare’s abundance of love to equating simultaneous equations in seconds that make you go blank, your teacher’s mind might be in a whirlpool.; a hard pill to swallow, right?  Well, that’s what overthinking does; your brain resembles a rodent running on a hamster wheel, constantly working hard to be at the same place, which results in disappointment and loss of productive energy. If you believe that there might be a force that is unwittingly obstructing you to become clear and confident, then you might relate to these 10 things that happen when you’re an over-thinker: 

1.) You’re more insecure than you are

Do you ever feel like your intuition takes a huge leap and turns into insecurity when you think about wearing a jacket on a cloudy day? Do you find yourself nonplussed in a group where you can’t pitch your idea because it would not be appreciated? You tend to take a copious amount of time to think about something and regret it seconds later. Do you edit a picture for hours and are very confident about posting it on your social media, and then you just don’t do it because you think it might be full of flaws and won’t make the mark you wanted it to have a few moments later.

2.) You spend your nights overthinking and are sleepy in the morning

Overthinking causes a lack of sleep because your brain goes haywire arranging an array of events that have happened to you. People who are over thinkers and also chain smokers might be haunted by the thought of cancer sabotaging their life and they are between the devil and the deep sea. The mere thought of quitting cigarettes might give them anxiety, and the idea of a probable slow and painful death due to cancer might send a chill down their spine. 

Amid all these conflicts of ideas they are deprived of sleeping time, which tends to result in rushing to schools and offices. A twist of tongue in a meeting or something inappropriate might cause you to sleep at 3 am regardless you were in your bed at 11 pm, which ultimately leads to depressive and irritated moods.

3.) Other people’s happiness comes first

You often disregard your own desires for the sole purpose of satisfying someone else. You may repress your own opinions so as not to contradict someone else. You often sacrifice your own interests for the sake of people’s appreciation. People can watch shows that they hate or listen to songs, which may be cringe-worthy, only to discuss it and mingle. 

4.) Worrying about things you don’t have control over 

Whether you like it or not there are going to be certain things that you won’t have control over. If you’re an over-thinker you tend to lose sleep over things that are completely and utterly uninfluenced by you. It’s okay to accept that some things are out of your reach. Sometimes you make your life more distressing than it has to be. A study published in 2008 titled “Rethinking rumination” states that there is a strong relation between overthinking and mental illness. Feeling bad about your neighbor’s financial conditions isn’t a great reason to get upset.

5.) A+ in critical thinking

You tend to take more time in marts and stores and often empty your shopping baskets a few times until finally, you can reach the cash counter with curved eyebrows, sweaty forehead and smudged eyes that still depict unsureness.

6.) Sorry comes in abundance in your daily life

Since people’s happiness comes first, you tend to apologize more even for the things you might not be a part of. You’ll slowly watch your mental health wreak havoc in your life, blaming yourself that you could have helped people. This might allow people to take advantage of you but you still end up blaming yourself.

7.) Observant

Is your partner happy that you compliment every time you see something new in them that people don’t usually notice? Do you find it easier to judge people based on minute details? That coherently states that you’re a deep thinker. Although this quality might really beneficial for you, it has its cons too. Try imagining yourself laying down on your bed and then having a panic attack at the mere sight of one screw missing.

8.) Anxiety & Depression

The modern generation is bombarded with the concept of diagnosing themselves with anxiety and depression, but over thinkers do really suffer from mental illnesses usually anxiety. Fearing about an upcoming project or homework might paralyze the optimistic part of yourself and the more you let that loop continue, the more productive energy you lose and everything seem grey.

9.) Constant quarrels with people you live with

When you become so obsessed over what the wink implied or what did my girlfriend meant when she said “hmm”, you lose the actuals moments because you are too busy to finding hidden implicit meaning that might be pointless and just random. 

10.) Tired 24/7

You’ve lived so much in your thoughts that you are actually tired to do anything because it involves millions of probabilities you’ve worked out and a 100000 different consequences. If only we could get a dollar for overthinking every time, some of us would have bought the whole planet. 


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