10 Type of Waistcoats You Should Have

10 Type Of Waistcoats

Waistcoats are pretty famous and prevailing nowadays. Designers have been trying out various designs for decades. Therefore they come up with various styles and cuts and textures that suit you on various occasions and situations leaving an unforgettable impression, keeping you comfortable at the same time.

There are different types of vests available in the markets nowadays, broadly classified into two categories – the formal vest and the informal vest or the fashion vests. The formal waistcoats are worn as a part of a three-piece suit, the waistcoat being the third part of it. They are solely worn for a business meeting or other official purposes. They are mainly of solid colours or matched up with the suit colour. But the informal ones are not made with keeping such things in mind. They come along with various textures, colours and prints, and fabrics. They are mainly used for party purposes. This article provides you with an idea od various waistcoats and how to wear then for various occasions.

From the various different styles of waistcoats evolved over these years, let us discuss the top 10 designs tailored just for you and is trending for all seasons.

1. The Classic Waist Coat

This is the basic waistcoat among all having 6-7 buttons at the front. It has an added cinch at the back, to make sure it fits well enough. As belt it not provided or worn along with a waistcoat, the cinch helps you with the adjustment. Cinch make sure to fulfill the absence of belt helping you to fit in the coat well.

2. The Donegal tweed WaistCoat

The tweed has a unique texture and is usually lightweight in nature. You can wear them even in the summers to stylize yourself when it’s just a pain to layer up. A tweed waistcoat can be very handy and you can wear them as casuals as well as formals. But it’s better to add then in a casual manner when you are up for a party or a ceremony, late-night parties, any special dates and so on. It can be very versatile providing you an informal look.

3. The Low Cut Formal Waistcoat

This low cut formal waistcoat has a slightly lower cut adding some flair to your shirts. They form the shirt to have bibs or pleats on it.

4. The Windowpane Waistcoat

Don’t let the name confuse you, it’s just a checked patterned providing you a bold and stylish statement. If you are conservatives about monochromes and want to wear something very formal, then go for these windowpane waistcoats. This will enhance your style, giving you a bold look. People who are confident enough prefer this print. Wearing this you look more lively and professional giving you a vibrant and classy look.

5. The Notch Lapel Waistcoat

With the various upcoming designs with the centuries, the fashion vistas and the designers realized that they should try one that should really stand out to be a collar and lapel. In this way, they wanted to give the waistcoat a shape of the jacket and this added a net style to the chest of waistcoats making you look more elegant and graceful. You can always go for various styles of lapels along with your coat.

6. The Peak Lapel Waistcoats

Going on with the experiments, the designers then came up with this peak lapel waistcoat. Trying out this very new thing became more famous than the previous one. Though people have their own choices and taste, peak Lapel waistcoats are liked my most, and personally, also I would like to suggest peak lapel waistcoat than that of the notch one.

7. The Double Breasted Waistcoat (6*3)

As the name suggests everyone got a little idea about the double-breasted Waistcoat. This 6*3 DB vest is very formal and giving you a dashing and elegant look. You can either add up a notched or peaked lapel to add some more spark to your look.

8. The Double Breasted Waistcoat (4*2)

This is very similar to your previous style but this 4*2 is more versatile in nature, changing your look according to the occasion you are going for. Never ever try a DB waistcoat with a DB suit. You can also go for a notched or a peak lapel according to your choice.

9. The DB waistcoat with a shawl collar

With the name only you can easily imagine the style, wearing the coat with a shawl lapel. It looks amazing with a Tuxedo and also you can apply for Fashion Designer jobs.

10. The Leather WaistCoat

The last but not the least popping out in the list is the leather waistcoat. As well all know leather is never out of fashion, competing in all fashion trends, then how can we miss this leather waistcoat? I was a bit shocked while researching about it, bit was overwhelmed seeing how cool and sexy they are. Pulling out the right attitude from you toward others and putting a wholesome impression.