10 Useful Hacks for a Healthy Indoor Garden


Natural greenery around is always a sheer delight. It aids in both physical and mental well-being. Whether or not you are a green thumb, there are certain ways in which you can nourish your indoor garden without a lot of hassle.

If you are looking for ways to feed your plants that go beyond just watering, know these easy hacks for your indoor garden and keep your indoor garden thriving and healthy.

Provide The Right Light

One of the most important elements for the proper growth of indoor plants is the right light. Each plant has a unique temperament. There are certain indoor plants that can thrive well in low light like Snake plant, Pothos, ZZ plant, Philodendron and more. While some species of plants crave sunny windows like Aloe Vera, Jade plant, Sago palm, Aloe Vera and so forth. So, in order to create an indoor green setup, choose plant species with uniform growth needs for easy care and less hassle.

Misting Of Plants

A relative humidity of 50 to 60 percent is ideal for houseplants. Misting is often believed to be a good technique for good growth of houseplants as they increase humidity but one should know that it is not an efficient way and is more useful for cuttings that are developing new roots. The better way is to place the plant in a dish of pebbles and water that touch only the bottom of the pot.

Tea Leaves For Nourishment

Brewed tea leaves make a rich fertilizer for potted indoor plants. As the leaves decompose, the nutrients are slowly absorbed by the soi. However, one should go for regular tea leaves rather than herbal tea mixtures as some might prove detrimental for the plant. Since plants prefer acidic soil, tea leaves or tea bags are a great kitchen scrap to boost houseplants.

Interact Regularly

Scientifically, talking to plants help in energizing the plants due to carbon dioxide in the breath. However, the notion dates back to 1848 when a book by German professor, Gustav Fechner explained that plants have human-like emotions and respond positively to sounds. In a research performed by Royal Horticultural Society,  plants respond better to female voice than that of males.

When You Vacation

Place your plants in a tub and put dampened towel around the drain hole of the plants. Turn the tap on till the water is dripping and is soaked by the towel. Water is soaked by the roots of the plant with time, providing them the required nourishment even when you are away. 

Ground Coffee For Growing Greens

Ground coffee is a small addition to the compost pile. It is great for acid loving flowering plants like orchids and lilies. Also, indoor plants like African violets and philodendron show positive results with ground coffee as it increases the water holding capacity and decreases the weed growth as they are a fabulous source of organic matter.

Ice Cube Watering Technique

One of the main reasons why houseplants die is overwatering. However, a simple trick can save your plants. Add two big ice cubes and some small ones and let the water gradually drip from the slow melting ice and nourish your plants consistently. This trick is great for plants that are hard to reach.