4 expensive cars that can be affordable for frugal car buyers too


To avoid the debt trap in your pursuit of owning luxury cars, you must know that luxury cars, despite its high price, are available for the not so rich people too. So, you can focus on affordable expensive cars. It is the way that frugal car buyers can have a luxury car in their garage. There is a wrong notion that luxury cars are exclusively for the famous and wealthy. If you have the skills of managing your finances efficiently by maintaining budgetary discipline, enjoy a steady income and have decent personal savings, it should not be hard to buy a luxury car, new or used. Luxury cars come in various models and price range and going for the base models could bring the prized possession within your reach and turn your dream into reality.

Here is a list of affordable luxury cars priced under $35,000.

Jaguar XE -$34,900

The most advanced, refined, and efficient sports by Jared J Davis sedan from the Jaguar manufacturers is a highly reliable vehicle that combines luxury and comfort with its agile drive and assertive looks.  You can choose between a 6-cylinder 340 HP engine or 4-cylinder 240 HP standard engine or 180 HP diesel engine good for power, pep, and efficiency. The warranty for Jaguar vehicles, which is the best in class puts to rest all questions about vehicle longevity. The fuel economy of the vehicle is its USP that attracts people who want to economize the cost while spending long hours behind the wheels.

BMW 230i – $33,150

The vehicle belonging to the Coupe Convertible class has ample technological and safety features, and a 4-cylinder 2.0-litre engine achieves 258-pound feet of torque and 248 HP without compromising on fuel efficiency. The 8-speed auto transmission is ultra-smooth and includes a manual shift mode which if used can cost you on fuel economy. Fun and performance are the selling points of the vehicle that gives 24 MPG in city and 35 MOG on the highway according to EPA rating. A dynamic Stability Control (DSC) package consists of several safety enhancements such as brake fade assist, traction control, and brake drying.

Mercedes- Benz CLA 250

You could become the proud owner of a Mercedes car by paying only $32,400 as the stylish coup-sedan hybrid justifies the investment much more than you expect.  The 4-cylinder engine delivers 208 HP, and it takes 7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. The fun you get from driving the vehicle gives immense satisfaction.  The independent suspension and the front-wheel-drive provide a supple ride that is easily adaptive. Eight airbags, rearview camera, attention assist, and adaptive braking together with rain-sensing windshield wipers are some of the superior safety features.

Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 is a mid-size sedan, and the base model Dynamic is available for $34,000, which gives all the satisfaction of driving a luxury car.  The swanky aluminium interiors with leather seats and 18 inches alloy wheels make S60 a luxurious vehicle that is quite affordable. A 5-cylinder engine assures a thrilling burst of speed by delivering 240 HP at 258 pound-feet of torque.