5 Engagement Ring Trends That Are All The Rage

Engagement Ring Trends

Just like every other trend, engagement ring fad also keeps changing every year. Even though there are certain vintage designs that are still in vogue, present-day engagement bands rule the Pinterest world!

That said, most of the modern rings have a custom design which is specifically inspired by couples. Additionally, these rings have a unique design and chic look which is embraced by the majority of celebrities.

Of course, it is essential to select a ring that you really love since it will be with you forever. So, keeping that in mind, here we have put together 5 engagement ring trends that are all the rage and will be in vogue for years to come!

Twisted engagement rings

In today’s time, the majority of brides are going the other way round when it comes to designing an engagement ring. Put simply, they are opting for either an east-west or upside-down ring setting.

With an east-west engagement ring, the main feature is its horizontal setting for gem cuts that are broad and rectangular in shape. This cut also includes emerald, marquise, rectangular cushion, and oval that are placed in a horizontal manner.

However, with an upside-down ring, instead of placing it in the center, the gemstone or diamond is hung from the bottom end of the ring. With this type of engagement ring, it is better to go with pear diamond as that will help you highlight its setting.

Bands with an oval centerpiece

If you are someone who loves modern engagement rings, then an oval stone as its centerpiece would be the best option for you. Also, though just as amazing as a round diamond, oval diamonds have a unique look that can easily turn heads.

These diamond cuts are really versatile, meaning you can either get them fixed in a vertical setting or horizontally in an east-west ring. However, opt for a vertical setting only if you have thick or short fingers as it tends to elongate them.

Besides, you can pair a halo with an oval cut diamond and add a few gemstones to make it brighter.

Yes, oval diamonds have just started gaining the limelight but soon they will become a classic!

Majestic moissanite instead of diamond

Have diamonds gone out of style? Well, they never will!

However, these days brides have started opting for gems like Moissanite for their engagement ring since that can add glimmer to it, instead of going for a conventional diamond stone.

Yes, Moissanite offers more shine and pristine clarity to your engagement band. But just like diamond, even this gemstone can be paired with any design and shape. And, also, this gemstone is inexpensive which means you get to select a bigger center stone for your ring.

Eccentric ring shapes

Who says an engagement ring can only have a circular band? There are several on-trend engagement rings with different types of bands available in the market that are doing the rounds!

Below we have mentioned three non-conventional bands that are presently in vogue:

  • Square Bands: Now you can give your engagement ring an edge… quite literally! Rings with square bands might make you think of those sculptural patterns from the late 60s’. But with modern settings, you can add unique details and clean lines to your ring. Also, to enhance its look you can include rectangle and square-shaped gems.
  •  Open Bands: If you want to add two centerpieces in your ring, then an open band is the best option for you. Also, since it is open from both ends, the middle section of your ring finger is visible which ultimately grabs attention to the setting of the band.
  • Chevron Bands: This is a funky ring featuring more than one strand of metal, which further creates a “v” sign – the shape of a chevron. This “v” can either face downward or upward based on how you like to wear it. Also, if you wish, you can add diamond in the triangular tip of the ring.

Romantic rose gold

More than a trend, rose gold wedding bands have been a lifestyle – all credits to the rose hues created by technology! Even more, rose gold has become the most sought-after engagement ring option, especially when it comes to creating blushing designs. 

That said, you can pair rose gold bands with rose-colored stones like morganite or pink diamond as a double play on this beautiful color.

Present-day engagement bands keep changing every time a fresh fashion and color wave enters the industry. However, the above-mentioned trends will never go out of fashion and will remain to be a timeless classic like solitaires.

Just make sure that the ring you select can include a touch of your personality and the design reminds you of the meaning it holds.