5 Health Benefits of Sleeping in Your Recliner

Sleeping in Your Recliner

When you are going furniture shopping, you might have wondered how useful can a recliner be in your home? Well, fret not. We use recliners for binge-watching those movies, or just sink into it after a tiring day at work. You may even kick off your shoes, put your feet up and just sleep in an elevating positon. Probably thinking about it gives such positivity, let us try and understand the health benefits it can give when you make it a habit to sleep on a recliner. No, we are not condemning sleeping on the bed. We just want to bring forward some of the health benefits sleeping on a recliner can offer and how you can get a good night’s sleep after a tiring day at work. 

Here are the 5 health benefits of sleeping in your recliner

Improved Circulation

Your feet will great when you sleep on a recliner. It feels good to kick the feet up at the end of the long day. Sitting at your desk or standing on your legs for a long period can make the blood rush to your legs and feet. When you keep your legs in the reclining position, your feet immediately jumpstart the body’s circulation and this helps to circulate blood above the heart level. Also, recliners allow gravity to help reduce stress and inflammation.

It reduces back pain

When you sleep on a hard floor or a tough bed, you end up with a stiff back or with terrible back pain. Back pain is very common and it will likely happen to everyone at some point in their lives. Hence, you need to protect your back and core muscles. When your recliner is at your back, you can take the pressure off the back and also elevate your feet. The reclining position of the body helps to decrease the pressure on your spine and it allows the core muscles to breathe and relax. This also gives a chance to your overworked muscles a chance to get back or recover. Hence, when you are sleeping in your recliner, you can easily prevent having back pain. You can stay healthy!

Better digestion and boosts respiratory function

When you undergo deep sleep, the slow breathing will put your body in the rest and digest mode. In this particular state, you will actively digest anything you have eaten and hence, when you are working to heal and repair the body, you are allowing your digestive system to work efficiently too. This is helping your body rest and has a happy gut.

In addition to this, you are boosting your respiratory function too. The diaphragm contracts easily with the help of gravity and thus you can have deep and full breaths when you are on a recliner. This is helping a few of your body parts such as your esophagus to relax which generally doesn’t allow enough air while sleeping. It helps clear off the sleep apnea too.

Reduces stress and Breathe easier

When you are sleeping in the wrong position, you may have things such as snoring, acid reflux, heartburn, sleep apnea, acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease, etc. But, when you sleep on a recliner, it automatically opens up the diaphragm and helps you breathe easier. This is because you sleep in an upright position that allows gravity to keep the stomach acid down.

When you sleep in a recliner, you breathe easier and you keep the stomach acid where it is supposed to be. Hence, you can complete a good night’s sleep. Apart from just helping to breathe easier, it helps to reduce stress which is 50 percent of our problems all the time. Stress probably makes it worse and thus when you are on a recliner, it helps in simple relaxation. You will find a position immediately and hence; you need not struggle with pillow positioning also. This will lead you to more sleep and better stress-reducing.

It will calm your nerves too

We need to remain sane and great during the day and thus we need to calm our nerves. Our nerves are constantly working to move the body and get things done. Hence, when you elevate your body and sleep, you are naturally improving circulation, reducing stress off your back, breathing properly. This will give the chance to the nerves to probably relax for a bit. This will give rise to a clear and efficient mind.


Recliners are not only comfortable but also the disease reducers. Anybody can sleep on a recliner, without any discrimination between age or size or shape. Everyone yearns for a night of good night sleep and when you are on a recliner for a good night’s sleep, you can kiss all your body aches goodbye. Try sleeping on a recliner one night and you will feel pumped the next morning with enhanced blood circulation, lessened symptoms and fresh mind.