5 important reasons to select the best WiFi Router for your home


You need quality WiFirouter for your home. With the increase of smart technologies and video streaming quality, older WiFirouters are pushed heavily beyond their capabilities. Because of this single reason, having the best WiFirouters are essential to get rid of the outdated router from your home.

In this post, we are going to learn about the 5 important reasons you need to think through when you want to purchase a WiFi router. Let’s get started.

Key factors to look for:

There are so many key factors involved in selecting a quality WiFirouter. But, there are only 5 things you need to consider. They are

  • Speed,
  • Standard models,
  • Service quality,
  • Number of ports,
  • And the number of devices in your home.


Speed is critical. Without speed, a WiFirouter is a dead horse.

Having said that, usually, speed is calculated in megabits per second (MBPS.) so, 500 MBPS WiFirouter is faster than a router that has 300 MBPS.

Although companies will advertise higher speeds, it’s difficult to achieve the exact amount due to the inline objects such as walls, buildings, and trees. Generally, the internet connection speed will be defined only by your service provider.

Therefore, the advertised MBPS rate is your home connection speed.

Standard models:

Currently, there are three standard wireless WiFirouter models available in the market. They include,

802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac. All these models have various specifications and their compatibility with a certain internet device is determined by the particular device model. read about log management

Let’s say that you want to enjoy the services provided by 802.11ac, and your internet device must be compatible with the router. If your device supports the 802.11g WiFi equipment, then you won’t get the facilities offered by 802.11ac.

So, you should select a router that supports your internet device.

Service quality:

The service quality isn’t directly connected to internet speed. This is critical to understand. So, you can optimize your router’s working capacity based on your internet activity.

Thereby, it won’t degrade simply because you make an internet call and someone in your home streams a movie at the same time. This is media prioritizing, and it is a critical thing to consider before purchasing a WiFi router.

Number of ports:

In a WiFirouter, it includes USB and LAN ports. Although you can add LAN ports by purchasing an ethernet switch, we strongly recommend buying a WiFi router with additional ports. That way, you can connect devices that don’t have a WiFi facility. On the other hand, USB ports will connect printers with the router. So, again, it is wise to get a router with as many ports as possible.

Number of devices in your home:

Nowadays, WiFirouter manufacturers sell dual-band devices. It supports both 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz frequency. This enables you to maximize its performance in a crowded wireless network, by assigning certain devices to a particular frequency. This also reduces loading and buffering dramatically.

Some manufacturers even offer tri-band routers which can support so many devices. Since you don’t use as many devices in your home, a tri-band router is a perfect solution for an office setup.


We’ve covered the utmost  Important things when it comes to selecting a quality WiFirouter for your home.

Want to add your thoughts? Have any suggestions? Let’s discuss them in the comments section below.