5 Mind-Blowing Features of RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball Chair

Yoga Ball Chair

Most times, we spend our everyday life just sitting down on a chair or sofa. Perhaps we are in the office, surfing the internet, or watching TV, sitting on a flat surface. We often use hard, uncomfortable chairs for sitting. It causes a variety of health issues and makes our posture wrong. For improving this condition, it is necessary to bring a healthier option to solve these hazards.

With that in mind, a yoga ball chair can make a bridge to fulfill the gap between health and sitting. It offers a series of benefits that you won’t get from your ordinary chairs. It also develops postures, reduces back pain, and strengthens the core, abdominal, and leg muscles. So, in this article, we’ve come out with an excellent yoga ball chair for you. Stay connected with us till the end of this review.

Review of RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball Chair

The RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball Chair offers a lot of health benefits for its users. This is one of the best balance ball chair in the market, which can withstand higher weights up to 2200 lbs. Also, this yoga ball chair is constructed with multiple layers, which are anti-allergic and non-toxic material. Apart from these features, this excellent balance ball chair provides some other specifications that you cannot overlook them.

Sturdy Material

This excellent yoga ball chair is made from a heavyweight vinyl, which is non-toxic and anti-allergic PVC. Approximately, it is also 1.5 times thicker than the other common brands and can withstand up to 2200 pounds of weights. Besides, the burst resistant feature is excellent to provide safety to the users. If the ball is punctured, it will slowly deflate air pressure to protect the users from severe injury. Overall, the balance ball chair is odor-free, and you will have six colors to choose the right one.

Easy Inflation

This fitness ball chair comes with a foot pump to inflate quickly without any hassle. It also has an inflatable stability ring that provides enough stability during the sitting and training. Besides, this fitness equipment saves both time and energy. When you inflate the balance ball, you can measure it with tape so that you can inflate the ball to a suitable size.

Resistance Bands

The RGGD Exercise ball features a set of attachable resistance bands between 5 to 8 lbs. These 2 resistant bands are attached to the ball with an included carabiner clip to make sure that the ball can withstand for a long time. You’ll also be surprised how much workouts you can do at home with this balance ball chair.

Multiple Uses

The balance ball chair ensures a variety of uses. This portable ball chair is easy to use anywhere at your home or office. It is also a great fitness gear as an alternative to a chair while working at your desk. This balance ball forces your abdominal muscles to work harder. Besides, this ball can be used as a birthing ball during pregnancy by alleviating discomfort in your lower back, especially in the spine and hips.


This premium PVC material comes with honeycomb technology that provides excellent slip resistance for your fitness routine. When you are changing positions, the innovative design makes it stable and keepsyour postures correct. As the ball offers non-slip surface and rages, so you won’t need to worry about any severe injury. 


  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Withstands higher weights perfectly
  • Features anti-burst and anti-slip
  • Protects spin while correcting posture
  • Improves core strength


  • The upper body may not be fully supported


Getting an exercise ball will take you far when your target is to enhance your body strength and flexibility. If you choose the wrong way, it can make your life much more difficult. However, if you pick the RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball Chair, it may be a suitable option for you.

You may also need to wash it after long term use. Take a piece of soap and water or just water with the included cleaning pad. With this cleaning pad, you can clean the surface of the ball more effectively than paper towels and plain cloth.