5 Mistakes Enterprises Make Outsourcing Mobile App Development


Mobile application development is a vast field with huge-scaled diversity given the varying preferences and new technologies popping up every other day. Mobile applications are a great initiative for businesses to commence the effective communication with their audience and consumer groups. Over the period of time, mobile applications have triple folded the revenues for the businesses reflecting that it surely helps accomplish the once-impossible goals. Whenever a business makes a decision to design and launch their mobile application, they often tend to hire an in-house application development team but it is not feasible for the small businesses. So, in such scenarios, the project is outsourced to ensure the optimum blend of quality, performance, skills, and much more.

But everything comes with a cost, right? Same is the case with mobile application development outsourcing as there are many strings attached to it which businesses are usually unaware of. If you are thinking to outsource the mobile application development, read on to know what common mistakes businesses commit so that, you can work on them and this blog post will also help you with the proper outsourcing process. But before we start, let us tell you why you need to outsource the project;

  1. If the technology and computing isn’t the thing your business has expertise in
  2. If you need to hire a full developers team and invest in infrastructure
  3. If you already have a team, they don’t possess the required skills and expertise
  4. If your in-house team is busy with other high-priority projects
  5. If the timeframe isn’t compatible with the in-house team
  6. If you don’t want to invest in the framework for a one-time thing
  7. If you are low on budget
  8. If you need to minimize the risks and blunders

So, now, let’s get on with the mistakes which businesses make regarding the application development outsourcing but you shouldn’t!

Poor Research

When you make a decision to work on a business mobile application, you need proper researching to find the perfect candidate to give the project to. Remember that research is the key aspect for an optimum or we may say the desired outcome. Now, many businesses make the mistake of conducting poor research and they hardly do the homework. The best thing to do is to make a list of your prerequisites such as team, features, modes, pricing, etc. Now, search for the “app development in Los Angeles” and compare the prerequisites with all the available solutions. When you have done your homework, it will be easy to make an outsourcing decision about whether a company is supporting your vision or not. So, we have added small tips which you need to research about before finalizing a project with the respective company;

  • Check their portfolio
  • Check for the testimonials and if they aren’t live on the website, ask them
  • See how they communicate with you; are they replying to your queries with satisfactory answers?
  • Look for the brand credibility
  • Ask about their approach to application development ‘

These answers will resonate if the option is fine or if you need to look for some better options. Remember, taking precautions now are better than a headache later!

Improper Planning

Okay, you have made a decision which shows your decision-making skills are optimum. But are your planning skills ideal for the outsourcing projection? Application development is an in-depth process and no step can be neglected. Many businesses make the mistake of hurrying the project which ends up in a blunder and they have to bear the loss, then. But one can always plan ahead and prior to ensure the desired results, right? So, whoever you outsource the project to, ask them to involve you in every step they take while ensuring the sincere collaboration and transparency. Also, play a key role in quality assurance steps to ensure the proper strategy planning implementation.

Deficient Documentation

No matter how much you think you can trust a company with the data, always keep a check on documentation and maintain it. Many businesses work on the documentation but they either make it too complicated with no flexibility or too glossy that everything is too easy. So, when it comes to documentation, maintain a reasonable medium with flexibility.

Prototype Failure

A prototype is an essential step to follow in the application development process. Now, the mistake which is made by businesses is that they wait for the prototyping until the end result is ready. The prototype is actually a visual representation of the application which reflects what the application will look like and how the processes will be taken place. So, never wait until the end and eliminate the problems at each step. This will help you work on the weak points and cross-correct every feature.

Improper Code Review

Often, businesses neglect the code reviews which results in improper functioning of the application. So, with each development step, run coherent code revision; manual or automated both will work as the help check the standardization, syntax, and structure.

About The Author

Sharon Roy is an application development expert currently providing services at App Peanuts. He loves to share the bits and pieces of his expert opinion with the audience.