5 Tech websites you’re better off knowing


This era generates new updates and technologies each day, with our world-changing and advancing rapidly. In this situation, one requires an efficient tech website to make their lives more convenient. Staying up-to-date on tech news may not be important yesterday but one cannot live uninformed today.

This is where tech websites assist you in learning. They present blogs and articles related to tech and we’re going to discuss 5 of them today for your convenience.

1.    Eurogamer.net

Are you looking to find the best fallout 4 weapons but can’t find a suitable website to answer your queries? Don’t look further, Eurogamer.net is here for you. They initially began focusing on PC games but as the world advances, so did they and with the passage of time they cover all aspects of gaming. Whether the game is based on PC, console, indie, board or anything that the gaming community finds interesting, you’ll find it on this website. It’s claimed to be an old website and this is what makes many users loyal, to this day.

2.    Techvizer.com

Another tech-related website down the list is techvizer.com. This website delivers outstanding gaming reviews and updates with efficient bloggers who devote their time and effort to produce the best content out there. It has been claimed that this website rose to popularity in a little while and constantly grows as we speak.

If you’re wishing to stock up on other tech-related news then you can switch from gaming news to that too. They provide it all.

3.    GameFAQs

If you’re a gamer and you haven’t heard the name of this website then you’re probably missing out on a lot. GameFAQs hosts users from around the world owing to their massive database and users have gone far as to claim that it’s the Wikipedia for gamers. I’d agree with this since any gaming query I have is easily dealt with through their website. The most notable feature about GameFAQs is their authenticity and grasp of knowledge. Whether it’s a PC or a console game you’ll find it here easily. Try searching for one for yourself.

They also have a strong community that carries interesting gaming discussions throughout the day.

4.    Engadget

Technology isn’t limited to anything and Engadget is a valid proof of this. Technology is not only our future but it’s the present too. Look around, do you not see technology everywhere? 

Since 2004, Engadget has focused intensely on technology and devices that power it. They embark upon a strong community and the creators have a strong grip on what’s stirring in the technological field. Check out their website for amazing content related to tech and be baffled by amazing news and chances are, you probably haven’t heard it before anywhere else.

5.    Blog.us.playstation.com

Sony Entertainment receives the credit for the PlayStation brand and family of products. They have provided outstanding products since their launch and they cover a wide variety of consoles that have improved over time. It is undoubtedly a huge website and they cover PlayStation Now and PlayStation Vue, along with Worldwide Studios, which develops unique, popular games for PlayStation. If you’re a gamer, you may have tried a game produced by Sony either now or in the past, since their cutting-edge games are interesting and challenging for everyone.

And since their games are so popular, you can expect users to have their fair share of questions and issues with the game. You can depend on this website to offer a sound solution to your problem though.

We hope you found these websites interesting. And with that, we end the article.