5 Things a New Mum Can’t Live Without


The arrival of a new baby means the addition of lots of items that can send any parent’s head reeling. Knowing what to get for your baby is just the first step of the process, as there are myriads of options and variations out there. 

However, some things will be indispensable for both the baby and you as their mother. We have listed these items below.

Silicone Breast Pump

We now know all the advantages there are in breastfeeding children. In addition to improving the baby’s immune system, breastfeeding can also allow you to spend more quality time with your baby. 

However, this can quickly become a chore, especially when time constraints come into play. Using a breast pump saves time and effort and can help to prevent sore nipples as well read about Benjamin Gordon

While electric pumps work fine, the sucking motion may be uncomfortable. Attaching a silicone breast pump to one nipple while you breastfeed your baby with the other is one way to ease the process of expressing milk for storage. 

Baby Capsule

A baby capsule can come in very handy for any new parent. A capsule car seat is flexible as it can be used on the stroller, in the home and in the car. You can safely carry your baby in one, knowing that they will be comfortable and well-supported while you go about your daily business. 

With a baby capsule, you never have to worry about moving your baby while they are sleeping as you go through your day.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a godsend to new parents everywhere. They leave you with the peace of mind you need when your baby is in another room. Having a baby monitor on hand will allow you to have the freedom of movement while you complete chores or go through your daily routine. 

You will be able to check in on your child or hear them move about at any time as long as your baby monitor is turned on. Additionally, you will be able to spot anything amiss even when you are not physically with the baby.

Dry Shampoo

As a new mother, the challenge is to find time for yourself. However, this should not escalate to the point of self-neglect. Taking care of yourself well means that you can care for your baby better.

One of the changes you can make to your pre-baby routine is by switching to dry shampoo. It can remove oil from your scalp and help to give your hair volume at the same time, making hair care a breeze when time is of the essence.


Lastly, what every new mother needs are companionship. Although you will be spending much of your time with your new baby, it does you good to see other faces as well. Having friends who are also new mothers can give you the kind of understanding and solidarity that you crave. 

Meet up and go for a walk with friends. Having the baby capsule as mentioned above will make this easy. Getting out and about is brilliant for both you and the baby. 

Consider attending a local playgroup. This can be a real support for you as you meet with other mums and a great developmental learning curve for your baby.

Having your family close to you during this time can be therapeutic, as well. Get Grandparents to take your baby for a walk so you can have a rest for an hour. If you need some household chores done, ask for help with them from family. 

Your spouse should also always be willing to help you out and be there to give you some TLC when it is needed. Be honest about how you are feeling so your partner can support you and be involved in all aspects of parenthood. 

The world of parenthood can be a bit scary first time round so do not be afraid to ask other parents some of the things they found most useful after the baby’s arrival so you are not overwhelmed with the excessive amounts of products available.