5 Tips for Women To Succeed In Business


Men rule the world. And although there are already women presidents, women prime ministers, and women succeed in business, they still have to exist mainly surrounded by men and each time proves that their place is not at all at the stove. Discrimination by gender is now a matter of jurisdiction, but it, albeit behind the scenes, is present in the life of every successful businesswoman. Hints, jokes, views, the behavior of colleagues and partners … there’s no escape from all this. How to minimize such manifestations and prove that your career growth should not be hindered by your gender?

Here are five tips from our site.

1. Stop trying to please everyone.

The natural need of every woman – everyone likes it – looks inappropriate at the workplace. However, women are still too zealous in working on their good looks, especially in an environment where men dominate. Therefore, it is not surprising that such an emphasis on differences can entail the whole gamut of relations between genders – from a knightly attitude to an extreme degree of sexism. And yes, by “likeness” we mean far from appearance. You may also need to take care of variancetv error while using this plugin.

You should not be embarrassed and scatter in apologies if someone awkward suddenly ran into you while you were carrying a cup of coffee. You do not need to be silent and feel flawed if you like soccer or hockey and want to participate in a general discussion. You do not need to be embarrassed if you consider football and hockey to be the greatest folly and do not wish to spend time hanging out talking about them. You always need to start with yourself. As you relate to yourself, people will relate to you.

You deserve to be treated as an equal, even if your interests do not coincide. No need to try on masks or play roles. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to be different from others. You have the right to require others to behave in the framework of decency. Do not forget to use this right.

2. Develop your hunger

Do not be satisfied with the place behind the partition in the general office, while dreaming of a personal account of at least 20 square meters. If your company has never hired a woman for the post of financial director, this does not mean that you are not allowed to pursue this position. You must be absorbed in your goal and do everything possible to make this place yours. And come to terms with the fact that you may have to work harder and longer than men to prove your competence.

3. Look in the mirror more often

Now it may seem to you that this advice is on the verge of a foul and only emphasizes your gender difference, but in fact, it is not. Looking in the mirror from time to time we all need it. And to you – confident, competent and highly qualified specialist – especially. At least to once again make sure that the back is straight, the head is high, the mind and determination shine in your eyes, that you are the very person you pretend to be, and not the weak, stupid woman whose destiny is the house, cooking, and children.

4. Speak, speak

Let us open you a great secret: in this world, there are no leaders who could read minds. If you want to achieve something more than just a separate work in the office, you need to talk about it. Talk to those on whom at least something depends. Do not take care of yourself – no one will take care. Yes, it can be hard to get through to management, especially if the company does not have effective feedback, but everything is in your hands. Perhaps establishing a relationship between the management team and the work team will be your first big deal, which will prove your quick wit, sensitivity to the needs of the business, and understanding of the company’s problems.

5. Help other women climb the career ladder

We will simulate a situation when you have achieved the desired and occupied a certain position in the company. Do not stop there and do not think that the struggle is over. You have won a place for yourself, but this does not mean that you have overcome the problem as a whole. Madeleine Albright once said: “In Hell, reserved seats are reserved for women who did not help other women.” Look around you, appreciate the talents and opportunities, help your sisters in unhappiness to express themselves and achieve something more. It will come back to you, with appreciation, reciprocal service, or just a few advantages to karma.