6 Quick Tips in Choosing the Right Custom Stickers for Your Brand

Stickers for Your Brand

How to make the establishment stand out is one of the many obstacles that most companies face. How do you let prospective buyers know you are available for business? While other companies provide fliers and hand them out to customers, why not think of giving custom stickers? It is a unique strategy that can catch the attention of your clients. Most of the time, people that receive fliers tend to throw them away without bothering to read what was written. But with stickers, it can help increase brand awareness by making your products and services pop out.


What you want to put in your custom stickers is an essential piece that you need to consider. Brand labels are ideal if you wish to increase awareness. When you come up with how to package your brand, calculate the correct size to make it easier for you to order your stickers. Make sure that your labels are professionally presented to promote confidence and drive sales.


Having the perfect design for your custom stickers is not complicated as long as you know what specifics you would want to add. If your goal is to get your future buyers to know about your product, using a small size sticker is not recommended. The products that you offer might be difficult to read. Plus, your brand label can get compromised as you try to compact the details to fit the size of the sticker.

If your goal is a custom sticker for branding labels, then the ideal size is one inch. For stickers that allow the customers to stick it anywhere, business card size will fit nicely. If your goal is to place your stickers in the bumpers, five to six inches sizes can do the trick.


Many individuals are attracted to the simple yet impactful brand. Sometimes, having too many texts can affect how you want your label portrayed. Be creative with your designs and go for custom shapes instead of the traditional symmetrical designs. You can have custom stickers with the shape of a star, heart, circle, and any shape you want them to be. You should add special characters to your sticker to make it more appealing.


Custom stickers can be made either with plastic or paper materials. If you prefer to use paper stickers, they are not ideal for outdoor use as they are not waterproof, although it is low in cost. If you opt for plastic stickers, they are suitable for outdoor use and are tear-resistant. They are also durable and waterproof. Regardless of what you choose, both materials are available in various colours.


Whether you want your custom stickers laminated or not depends on your preference. There are two types available, matte and gloss. If the purpose of your sticker is to be used outdoors, then it is a good idea to have it laminated as they are water and scratch-resistant.


Once you have all the details you need for your custom stickers, consider your budget. If you like laminated stickers, they can be costly. The alternative for you is to opt for plastic stickers. They are also durable, water-resistant, and come in many colours. Plus, they also have recyclable options, which is a good option if you are environmentally conscious.

Stickers have a unique way of making your brand look attractive. It can serve many purposes, from brand labels to envelop covers. Just be creative with your designs, and it will surely attract your potential customers.