7 Useful Tips to become Super-Productive in your Life

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Being productive is one of the many promises we make to each other but not all of us know exactly how to be ultra-productive. This post is written in a fun way to give you 7 tips that I think would be great for being productive. It would make you think positive and look at scenarios and difficult situations with a different approach. 

Let’s get started then and I hope you’ll enjoy reading this post. 

1. Planning for Tomorrow

You need to plan well in advance about the issues giving you sleepless nights and make sure you have all the bases covered when it comes to solving a difficult matter. Planning for tomorrow isn’t difficult if you know exactly what you are trying to achieve and what resources you have to go about the task. Don’t rush any task just because its due date is near. Think positively and out of the box so that you have at least 2-3 options regarding how to do a task. 

Planning well is half the job done as you’ll know that you are well aware of all the consequences and potential difficulties that may hamper your work.

2. Trim Down your To-Do List

With a to-do list, you can save a lot of time in making sure you can work in a proper and organized manner. In the evening and night, think of one most important task that you had to complete the next day. Select it and start thinking about ways how to do it convincingly and don’t include anything else in the list. Yes, just one task for the day!

I think you’ll be quite baffled by my suggestion I have just written. Just think about it doing a task with complete authority, doing it smoothly and complete it with lots of time left in the day. If you can complete one task in a day for sure then why go for multiple tasks and mess up all of them? There can be circumstances where 2-3 works have the same priority level, but even then, you can pick one, complete it, and then move onto another task. 

3. Look for Ideas while Taking a Stroll

People in big cities like NYC, London or Tokyo, have a fast life which limits their time to do activities other than going to work and come home. Dealing with the morning and evening rush-hour traffic alone is a monumental task. But have you ever thought about taking a gentle stroll in a park or spending your weekend going out with a friend to shopping on foot? The possibilities are endless, and my point of view is simple. Think while you are free from all the worries and hustle-bustle of city life.

While you can term it as brainstorming, there are other benefits of taking a long walk and thinking about ways you can handle a situation or an idea that can be beneficial for you. You can read success stories of people on the web thinking about a great idea while gently walking by a river or a quiet neighborhood. So, give this a try, and I am sure you will get something positive from this activity.

4. Quit a Work if it’s Taking Too Much Time

There are many tasks which can take a long time to complete, even months, and I am sure you have gone through this situation at least once. But there are times when a project takes ages, and still one feels something’s just not right with it. It’s a tough decision, but eventually, you need to call it a day to the project and end it.

To end a project halfway through is difficult as much time, money and resources would go down waste. But look at the larger picture; if that project would take another few months and still couldn’t be completed, then what? So, it’s better to comprehensively evaluate the project midway and see what the progress is. This is one tip that will make you a productive person overnight as you will save months after the evaluation.

5. Engage in Work you Really Love to Do

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

If you can understand the quote mentioned above, then there is no way you can’t understand what I am trying to convey in this tip. There is no point in picking up a task or project that you don’t know an iota about it. This will be extremely difficult for you to complete the project with a flourish as you’ll need help in this regard all through the process. So, choose any task, project, work, etc. wisely.

The other point in this concern that I want to describe is once you know you can do a task, go about it without delaying it further. You may get the impression that the task is pretty easy, and you will complete it in whatever time frame you’ll set. But you never know what lies ahead for you in the future and that’s why don’t make a habit of procrastinating about such tasks and instead work right after getting any work. 

6. Automate the Tasks

A productivity management software can be of immense help to anyone looking for quick support. It doesn’t matter whether you are a banking professional or a simple executive at a small-time firm. Software like these can help you out tremendously, and there are advanced versions available too so that you can hop on the premium version anytime you need it.

The lack of automation can be a real problem for many people, and that’s my sincere advice to you in this regard; please go for the automation and see the difference yourself.

7. Listen to Others before Making a Decision

A healthy conversation can be really effective in sorting out the matters in case of conflict but also looking at things from a different perspective. You never know what suggestion or advice you may get from listening to a friend or colleague that can be a game-changer regarding you looking at a task or project.

Active listeners are active learners too. You need to prioritize your agenda to make way for others who are willing to give you lend a hand. There are many instances where a simple can task can become severely difficult because the person-in-charge was not willing to hear any suggestion whatsoever. 

Final Word

If you are looking for more information for any aspect mentioned in this post or want to offer your valuable feedback here, please use the comments section below.