9 Top Holiday Destination in China

best places in china

The China is a country of continental proportions and therefore it is impossible to know it in just one trip. Fortunately, a few cities are able to concentrate much of their Chinese culture, gastronomic variety, and yet harmonize their history with their modern face. Most of these cities, which house some of the country’s top sights, are in the eastern half of their territory. And with the right planning, you can visit them all. Likewise, with proper planning, you can visit tomorrow land festival. If you are interested then kindly read this article. 


Beijing boasts temples, palaces and other grand structures of millennial architecture that impress even the most listless of tourists, but the Chinese capital has much more to offer. It is wrong to think that because it has so much history, it has stopped in time – quite the opposite. The capital’s more than 20 million inhabitants are proud to live in a city that preserves its history while also looking to the future, always attentive to the arts or technology. 


A thousand kilometers southwest of Beijing lies the city of Xi’an. One day, it was an important stop on the famous Silk Road, and therefore home to intellectuals, monks, and people from every corner and style. Even though all this glory is over by the 10th century, much of its centuries-old architecture remains there to tell the story amid ever-growing, modern buildings. Must-see points include the Terracotta Army. Just like the Tomorrow land 2019 which you cannot miss. 


Shanghai, one of the most vibrant cities in southeastern China, is certainly a delight for architecture lovers. Stunning neo-futuristic skyscrapers share space with 19th-century shaken architecture streets or flowery boulevards influenced by art deco from France in the 20th century. It also boasts one of the country’s top gastronomic scenes and is an ideal destination for who wants to taste true Chinese cuisine. 


Hangzhou is very popular with Chinese who want to relax by the lake. Not far from Shanghai, the city has a very different atmosphere from its neighbor. Walking along the bank and by boat across the West Lake is certainly a must-see attraction, especially because of the bucolic, classically Chinese landscapes that surround it. 


Still, in the southeast of the country, you will find Suzhou, a city that, like many of the Chinese places, was once a place for artists and foreigners. Today, despite the sheer amount of modern buildings, it still concentrates a lot of century-old architecture, but it is really famous for its canal- filled regions, which look a bit like a Chinese Venice and its incredible traditional gardens, which, blending architecture, painting, calligraphy, and gardening, delight anyone.

Hong Kong

Located in southern China, Hong Kong is a special administrative region with some independence from the rest of the country. In fact, it is not difficult to notice how the region is more open to western trends. So much so that English is an official language. The city has some records, such as the city with the highest number of skyscrapers in the world – more than 300. 


The city of Zhangjiajie itself is no big deal. What attracts tourists there is the fascinating Wulingyuan region, a green area with more than 3,000 stone towers and pillars that stand out among trees and waterfalls – no wonder it’s also known as Stone Forest. It’s hard to confuse it with an Avatar landscape. The region is considered by UNESCO one of the 48 listed World Heritage Sites in China.


Further west is Chengdu, the ideal place to visit if you want to meet the famous and friendly pandas. And despite these friendly residents, great museums, intense nightlife, temples and monasteries and a large population of expatriates and students, what really draws tourists to this great Chinese city is its cuisine, often considered the best of all the China. 


Although far from the other destinations on the list – but closer to India – the capital of Tibet could not miss. Lhasa is a must-see destination for those interested in Buddhism, as it has been the center of Tibetan philosophy for more than a millennium. Amid quiet, monk-filled streets and spectacular temples, you will find a China quite different from the one closest to the sea.