A brief guide to coloured contact lenses

whiteout Halloween contacts

Like everyone out there, looking our finest is the main concern and all of us are particularly proud of our appearance, hairstyle and the latest fashion. The one thing which elevates our beauty and embellishes what we are wearing is our eyes.

Funny Lenses for Halloween

For this very reason so many people use coloured contact lenses such as whiteout Halloween contacts and sclera black contacts to elevate the appearance of their eyes and themselves in parties and special events

If you’ve always thought what you might look like with different coloured eye contacts, or you want to make your eyes are looking more eye-catching or maybe you are looking for a spooky Halloween look, then this is the place for you.
We will answer all your queries about coloured contacts.

Why wear coloured contact lenses?

Coloured contacts give a new amazing look to your eyes and that is why people love them. Just like changing your hair colour, polishing your nails and applying different coloured lipstick on your lips you can always change how your eyes look to match them with your new hairstyle and your dress

And the great thing about coloured lenses is that anyone can wear them, they are not just for TV stars and models, you can wear them for Halloweens and special events to stand out.

Crazy Lenses Eyes

Are Coloured Contact lenses safe?

Coloured contact lenses approved by the higher and concerned authorities are truly safe to wear. But you will find many retailers and shops and online website where they are selling unapproved contact lenses which are potentially very dangerous for your eyes.. 

It would be recommended that you avoid contact lenses from the following places:

• street vendors (especially those who do not have any certificate)

• Salons or beauty supply stores

• flea markets

• novelty stores 

• Halloween stores

• beach shops 

• websites who are not approved

How easy is it to put in the contact lens?

Putting on a contact lens, whether for vision correction or crazy contact lenses, is very easy. It may seem a little awkward, but after once or twice you will understand how easy it is to slide in a contact lens.

Here’s a Step-By-Step Guide to putting in contact lenses:

We know that many of you are still not completely sold on how convenient it is to place in contact lenses. That is why we are telling you a step by step guide to putting in a lens.

Step 1: Wash your hands with soap and then dry them properly with a towel

Step 2: There are two types of lenses you could have, extended use contacts or one-time use lenses, in the case of the former first, disinfect them by putting them in the solution. When it comes to one-time use lenses you can just take them out and put them in. 

Step 3: Put the lens on top of your index finger cup side up. 

Step 4: Hold the upper lid of your eye with the other hand so you can avoid blinking.

Step 5: Before you place the lens, pull down the lower lid so that you have created enough space to place the lens. 

Step 6: Look up and softly put the lens on the lower part of your eye. 

Step 7: Gradually close your eyelids and keep your eyes closed for a moment so the lens can fit in. 

Step 8: Blink numerous times to bring the lens in the center on the iris and then repeat the same process with your other eye. In case of any irritation or discomfort remove the lens and inspect for any dirt particles or damage to the lens. If damaged throw it away and if not then rinse it with a solution and apply it again. 

Can I wear coloured contact lenses if I don’t have a prescription for vision correction?

You can surely wear contacts without a prescription for vision correction. Most coloured and Halloween contact lenses are made for this purpose alone but remember they should not be worn for longer periods.

Which coloured contact lenses are best for me?

Opting the best contact lens colour depend on lots of things, such as your eye colour, skin tone and the effect you want to create to match with your outfit. If you’re looking for fascinating Halloween costumes or character lenses with striking colours, this ensemble pretty much everyone, but you should consider these factors for natural coloured lenses: 

If you have lighter eyes (eg. blue eyes, grey eyes, hazel eyes)

If the colour of your eyes is light blue naturally: green or grey opaque lenses will give you a great amazing effect. 

If you have darker eyes (e.g. green and brown) 

Choose hazel and lighter brown/green shades for a delicate and natural look. If your skin tone is olive or dark, lighter eye colour will look stunning and give for a cool and radiant look that will help you stand out. 

Your dark eyes are perfect for experimenting with energetic colour such as purple, pink and aqua or green.

Are coloured contacts prescription?

Most coloured contact lenses are made for Halloween and other short term purposes but you can actually get prescription coloured contact lenses for vision correctness.

Can my friend wear my coloured contact lenses?

Absolutely not. Your lenses are your personal thing, which is only yours to use, just like underwear. You cannot share them with your friends and family as sharing of contact lenses might pass on eye diseases among friends and family.

Can coloured contact lenses injure your eyes?

There have been stories of coloured contact lenses injuring the eyes of the user, in some cases, users have gone blind. But those are very rare cases, in order to avoid any such unnecessary event make sure you first get your eye examined by a doctor, get a prescription and buy lenses from a trusted and approved retailer. 

Should I buy Disposable or Nondisposable contact lenses?

It depends on what you want to buy them for. If you’re purchasing natural lenses and would like to wear them more than once for purposes such as vision correction, then non-disposable are a great option for you but you would need to take proper care for them. However, if you want to buy for Halloween, such as blackout or whiteout Halloween contacts and other similar events then buying disposable would be great, as they are only good for one-time use and you can dispose of them after you are done using them. Nondisposable contacts can be used 30 days or 90 days or even more than 100 days. You would be required to follow the instruction of use when you are using nondisposable contacts. You can buy the best disposable and nondisposable lenses from here.