Aquaguard Water Purifier For The Better Drinking Water


As Water purifier is essential to purify water and provide clean drinking water free from contaminants and impurities, similarly it’s servicing is equally necessary for its efficient functioning.

It is essential that servicing of water purifiers is done regularly as clean drinking water is a necessity for all.

There are numerous brands which have flourished in the market and also offer various servicing plans.

Aquaguard is one of the most renowned water purifier company and is trusted by many households for their water purification needs.

Eureka Forbes is the manufacturer of Aquaguard water purifiers and provides the latest technology involved in water purification.

Aquaguard functions on RO technology, which can eliminate all potential contaminants and other impurities present in the raw water.

The new Aquaguard latest series of water purifiers label themselves to be as “paani Ka doctor.”

Which illustrates that Aquaguard guarantees fresh and purified water (which is clinically proven) even in harsh water conditions and present polluted environment. Eureka Forbes has been able to outcast itself amongst other water purifier brands by having a strong technology backup up and strong servicing agency.

Aquaguard service is reliable as it is performed under company trained professionals and technicians with proper instruments and knowledge.

They have a record of their customers and their servicing patterns. They give a check to their products and provide help in case of ill-functioning of water purifiers.

Aquaguard RO service encompasses the following facilities:-


The RO service of Aquaguard firstly gives a check on the TDS (total dissolved salts) level of the water before servicing and also after servicing so that assurance is given to the customer about the proper functioning of the water purifier.


The servicing also includes the changing of filters as they are the main element for cleaning the raw water. The technicians are installing a new set of filters, and any leakage is being fitted so that wastage of water does not take place.


A membrane is installed in RO water purifiers which helps to infiltrate ions and other smaller molecules from the water before filling it in the tank. The membrane is one of the essential parts of RO water purification as, without it, harmful chemicals would make their way and will not be cleared out.


As water contains dirt and many impurities with it, therefore cleaning is essential so that all the parts of the water purifier can function adequately without any blockage. Aquaguard servicing agents ensure proper cleaning and are also responsible for taking away the left out parts and other garbage with them without leaving any mess.


Aquaguard servicing is a process performed under trained professionals who use company installed products which are of the best quality. Therefore the customer is ensured and given a token of guarantee that their appliance is wholly checked and will function smoothly until the next servicing comes.

Eureka Forbes gives AMC ( annual maintenance contract) to their customers so that water purifier servicing is accessible and available at their doorstep.

One can quickly contact on the Aquaguard helpline regarding any problem or for booking a servicing.

Online websites are 24/7 active, and one can easily access through them and register any complaint regarding their functioning of water purifiers and for service delays.

However, Aquaguard takes care of their customers, and they always have a check that their customers are not facing any problems regarding the functioning of water purifiers.

There are many reasons why Aquaguard is considered to be one of the most trusted brands in water purifiers.

  • One being of its excellent servicing agency which is fast, efficient and provides guaranteed service quality.
  • The rate of servicing is genuine.
  • Company guaranteed products are being installed under the supervision of trained professionals.
  • The servicing given by Aquaguard is very convenient as it tries to match the customer’s time frame.
  • The servicing is done with great precision. Aquaguard technicians have the complete knowledge of detecting the problem and having a proper solution for it with a ready hand.
  • As compared to other brands and companies, Aquaguard takes the complete responsibility of their product and provides quick assistance in terms of the need of a servicing to their customers.
  • Once Aquaguard water purifier technicians are performing servicing, no scope of fault is being left and therefore servicing would only be required when the time of the next assigned servicing comes.

Therefore, water purifier servicing is no longer a headache, with Aquaguard water purifier servicing it has become a straightforward and quick process with utmost precision and efficiency.

Eureka Forbes can convince numerous customers with its excellent services, which are nationwide and across time. Because of such unique points and practicality, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifier is considered to be the best water purifier with accompanied servicing strategies.