Benefits of Toned milk


Raw milk is both rich in calcium as well as fat content! Milk is considered to be the staple dairy food in many countries and used in a variety of beverages. May that be a tea or coffee or even a smoothie. The Indian milk market is quite wide-ranging a variety of milk from full-fat cream milk to low fats toned milk. You can image toned milk to a processed form of cow milk with less fat content but yet rich in taste. The reason behind the creation of toned milk is to retain the nutritional value but at the same time saying goodbye to unwanted fats and calories. Toned milk was is prepared by adding powdered skim milk and water to whole milk. This was mainly started in India in order to reduce the fat and as a result, it is cheaper than other milk too!   Another type of double toned milk is also available in the market which reduces the fat content up to 9 percent and you need not even to boil it.

Toned milk is rich in nutrients

How does raw milk differ from toned milk? Toned milk has the same nutritional value as that of raw cow’s milk except for the fat content and in return, it reduces the calories. Since it is lower in calories, it has a lower risk of obesity as well. Tones milk is also rich in calcium and helps you to strengthen your bones and teeth and muscles as well. It’s a good source of whey protein for your body. Toned milk is also rich in potassium that helps to maintain the potassium levels of your body.  You can easily order grocery items online using Grofers Coupons with great discounts.

We often get random hunger calls from our, so way to get rid of it? Try consuming a glass of toned milk, the very first thing in the morning would keep you full for a longer time, keeping aside your hunger prangs.

Lower in calories

Having toned milk rather than whole milk can help you to cut down your calories. A cup of toned milk contains approximately 150-160 cal, whereas a cup of whole milk can contain up to 300 calories. The calories present in toned milk are mostly carbohydrate content and safe to consume. Higher calories in whole milk mainly come from fat. So, it’s a healthier choice at the same time having toned milk as it contains only natural sugar lactose.

Low in fat

Whole milk is not a healthier option when it comes to weight loss and another health disease. It is rich in saturated fats. Saturated fats are always unhealthy to your body and can block your arteries and increases the risk of cardiac diseases. Saturated fats can also increase the level of cholesterol and chances of stroke. Toned milk at the same time contains only 3% fat, which is always advisable if you are planning for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, it also promotes heart health. Consuming toned milk an also help you to maintain your cholesterol level under control. Moreover, if you are looking for Bharat Petroleum recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it.

How much to drink per day? As discussed earlier in this article toned milk is beneficial to health, but it may react differently to different people. Many people are allergic to milk and should consult a doctor before consuming or going for any other alternatives. Though it has health benefits, it should be consumed with moderation. A child aging from 3-12 years, should consume 3 glasses of milk every day, as they are growing and their body needs nutrition and calcium for healthier bones growth. Ideally, an adult should consume 2 glasses of milk daily to meet their nutritional value or half a liter. Since our bones get weak after the age of 40 and the calcium requirement increases with time, so preferably older people can opt for 750  ml of toned milk every day.