Best Times to Post on Tumblr


You must’ve heard about Tumblr, right? Since the massive outbreak of social media becoming not a want but a necessity for people, these platforms have gained attention more than ever before. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and many other social media are free for anyone to use but if you wish to become popular or famous, there are tips and tricks that need to be used. 

One might say content alone makes up for everything else but that’s not true. It is true, to an extent but the dynamics of the internet have changed drastically in recent years and are expected to evolve as we experience developments in technology.

Tumblr has a charm to it, with users claiming it to be different from the rest. But apart from content, what do you need to become popular on Tumblr? There are best times to post on Tumblr whether it’s a Friday, a weekend or Monday, a weekday. 

You need to strategize before posting. We’ll explain how in a bit.

Various studies and experiments have been done to accurately gather more information about Tumblr users. These studies present a similar result and it can be applied almost everywhere.

Tumblr is the busiest on weekends and Sunday is the most popular day out of the whole week. Why though?

It’s because it is dominated by teenagers and adolescents. This age gap is prevalent on most social media sites but Tumblr is occupied majorly by 14-25-year old teenagers and mid-adults who are either studying in a college or university or spend their weekdays doing job/s.

It makes sense for them to use Tumblr on weekends the most. But wait, there’s more to it. The ideal time that will allow you to have the optimum number of individuals starts from 4 pm EDT to 10 pm EDT with 10 pm being the “hot” hour of the day. 

But what if you’re occupied in another task?

Don’t worry, Tumblr has you covered. Their unique schedule features let you pre-plan a post even before the day has arrived!

Just set the day, timings and let Tumblr do the rest of the work. This function has made it easy for many Tumblr users.

However, there are possible downsides to this method as well. You will find the most users at the said time but expect to meet intense competition. As other users will be posting their content as well, it may occur that your post gets thrown on the sidelines while others take the bounty. 

What’s the solution to this issue, then?

Simply, there are 2 methods I can list here for your convenience.

1.    Choose a different, less competitive time. 

You can post early morning since this is when most students and employees wake up. They may switch to Tumblr before leaving their house and this is the opportunity you want to grab.

2.    Focus on quality

If you’re worried about the competition then try to create original, funny or interesting content that makes your post viral in no time. Even if the competition is strict, users will not stop reblogging once they get hooked onto a creative post.

All and all, even though these tricks and strategies play a huge role in our lives, they may not be ideal for everyone. Instead of relying on anyone to do your homework, study and analyze your audience on your own. Take the risk and post at different times of the day throughout the week and then decide what time/day gives you the best results.

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