Binge-Watching: Pros and Cons Associated


Binge-watching means watching all the episodes of any television series one after another, without any break. The term binge-watching started to gain popularity in the year 2013 as soon as Netflix released the 13 episode season of one of the most popular series, House of Cards. Almost 73% of the Americans are responsible for binge-watching television series. However, one question that has been bothering several people is whether binge-watching is one of the most harmless pleasures or it is an addiction. 

Given below is a list of the pros as well as cons associated with binge-watching. 

Pro- Binge-watching is responsible for making social connections

Binge-watching helps in creating the community sense, which is built around a particular show, which the experts term as the shared cultural space. This ground is responsible for making viewers not only discuss but also enjoy the show thoroughly. People do not have to feel isolated and lonely anymore because this particular space makes it easy to relate and communicate with other people and share their perspectives. 

Con- Binge-watching is responsible for mental issues

Studies conducted by Texas University discovered that any binge-watcher is depressed and lonely and do not have enough self-control. When people start binge-watching, they are neglecting their work and also the relationship that they have with other people. They know and understand that they should not do that but they find it extremely difficult to resist the desire of watching the episodes one after another. 

Pro- Binge-watching leads to the strengthening of romantic relationships

Binge-watching is also responsible for strengthening any romantic relationship as it helps in creating a similar interest. It can be a fun activity because it is a conversation starter and it is one of the easiest ways of spending time together. 

Con- Binge-watching can be responsible for addiction

Psychologists have stated that the neuronal pathway, which causes addiction to heroin or sex, is the same as the addiction to binge-watching television series. Your body cannot discriminate against any kind of pleasure. It can get addicted to substances or activities, which are capable of producing dopamine consistently. 

Pro- Binge-watching helps in relieving stress

According to numerous psychiatrists, binge-watching is responsible for releasing dopamine, which in turn creates the feeling of happiness and pleasure. This feeling allows people to not only relax but also relieve stress. 

Con- Binge-watching can be responsible for numerous health problems

When you are binge watching, you are sitting for long hours. This can lead to slow metabolism, cancer, heart diseases, the formation of blood clots, and thrombosis. 

Pro- Binge-watching helps in making a show fulfilling

When you are binge-watching a show, you are going to feel the happiness and pleasure associated with complete immersion, and this feeling is similar to staying awake throughout the night and finishing a book. 

Con- Alternatively, binge-watching can also make a show less fulfilling

When you are watching anything without taking a break, it is responsible for reducing the happiness of anticipation that you are going to feel when you are waiting for the next episode. The feeling of Christmas morning doesn’t exist in the case of binge culture. 

Conclusion Binge-watching can be advantageous as well as disadvantageous for the viewers. Ensure that you are going through all the pros and cons that have been mentioned above so that you can make the right decision for yourself.