Breathing Meditation for Kids: All You Need to Know

Breathing Meditation for Kids

Children are one of the most delicate beings on earth, and they need to be enlightened to recognize and communicate their emotions better. As per studies, those girls and boys who can balance their feelings better lead a more prosperous and happier life. Breathing exercises are one of the useful tools to help kids calm down. If you are a parent or a teacher, you should go for meditation for kids, which will help imbibe the quality of calmness.

Let us look at some of the meditation for kids to train them to manage their stress and anxiety while controlling their breathing.

  1. The Balloon

Children will love this meditation, and you can ask them to do it while standing or seated. You have to make them relax and request them to breathe deep and slow. While doing so, let them imagine as if they were filling a balloon with air. And as they exhale, making their stomach empty, allow them the picture as if they are releasing the air from the balloons.

This meditation for kids can be made more exciting by creating a hissing sound, which will help them slow their breathing.

If you are dealing with children of 6 years and below, you can ask them to picture a balloon of their favourite colour. And ask them to stretch their arms as they inhale, and as a gesture of popping the balloon, you can poke their bellies.

  • Follow The Leader

It is a meditation for kids who are five years or above. You have to ask them to visualize their best friend or a person they are close to. You then have to ask them who leads and who follows among them. If they tend to lead, ask them to picture themselves as the breath, and if they are the follower, let them visualize as if they were the mind.

You have to make them understand that the mind and the breath are always together, just like them and their best friends and that the reason follows the breath. Next, make them sit comfortably with their eyes closed and guide them through the process of breathing slowly and making the mind follow it. Ask them to focus on their breathing and count after every exhale.

  • Guided Relaxation

It is suitable for children of all ages. Meditation for kids like these helps them to relieve tensions and relax during difficult situations.

For this exercise, you can ask them to sit or lie down comfortably. Then, make the children bring all the attention on their right foot, squeeze it tightly like a fist, and release it suddenly after two breaths. Ask them to take a deep breath and then move on to their left foot. They should follow the progressions such as- ankle and calf, knee, thigh, feet, legs, hips, butt, belly, entire lower body from the tummy, chest, arm, hands, shoulders, neck, face, whole body.


Encouraging children to practice the exercises mentioned above will help them manage their anger, stress, and anxiety better, resulting in long-lasting effects on their lives. It will also develop mindfulness, awareness, and bring a balance into their lives.