Choice of an online broker by a series of steps

Choice of an online broker by a series of steps
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The emergence of internet has made it easy for everyone to start investing. An online broker provides you with the benefit to trade in shares or stocks and if the need arises engage in options trading. Before you plan to choose the best stock brokers in India you need to conduct a proper research at your end. Clearly evaluate your personal goals and align it with your investment goals before you can decide what type of broker suits your requirements.

Points to consider in the choice of an online broker

Before you are embarking on a decision of a personal broker you need to figure out what is the level of services on offer. There are some pointers that you need to consider

Cost associated with very trade

Cost per trade is the essence of every brokerage deal. As it is a number you can compare it with what the competitors go on to provide. Just keep in mind that you cannot go on to consider a single cost, as brokers are known to provide a wide range of fees. Before you go on to choose a broker make it a point that you investigate the various types of fees. The broker whom you go on to choose needs to provide you with an unbiased view.


The key is to choose a broker who provides you with an option of trading in a variety of investments. Be it stocks, mutual funds, commodities, the broker should offer everything as part of their product basket. In case if you want to trade in ETFS, the broker should need to provide you with an option in the future. For this reason you need to choose a broker who might provide you with various options from an investment point of view.

Minimum amount of investment called for

Most of the brokers go on to have a minimum sum of investment, and that can even run to hundreds of dollars. In case if you happen to be a new investor and do not have enough money it is always better to choose a broker that offers minimum amount of capital as investment. If the broker appears to be the best in the industry then you cannot meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

Proper asset allocation

Proper allocation of asset has gone on to pose a major challenge for most people, especially for the new ones. It is really a difficult task to deal with asset allocation and even to maintain it when you move forward. This does call for a situation where you might have to undertake periodic balancing if things do not go as per your standards. With internet the concept of doing it yourself has gone on to become a major craze. Now what would be the case if you are not one and do not plan to become one as well. At this juncture you need to figure out if the broker is expected to be providing you with direct investment advice or not.