Create And Push Better Instagram Stories To Increase Traffic Count

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Ideally, when it comes to business marketing and advertising on the social media channels, it is almost the same concept followed across all social media channels by almost all businesses to increase more traffic towards the website.

This concept comes into play and provides the best results when you create the best Instagram Stories for your site. This will not only push your brand and product in the best possible way but will also encourage them to make a buying purchase. Your own Instagram Stories used in your business account in an important and effective concept because it will help your site in ways more than one including:

  • Getting more visibility in the Instagram app
  • Provide the users with more of your content to consume
  • Create more value for your site as well as your product
  • Help you a lot if you are interested in repurposing contents on your Instagram profile through your Instagram Stories.

If you want to impress and encourage your Instagram followers even more if you use the Instagram Highlights feature. Using this useful and effective feature you will be able to combine multiple Instagram stories into the long-term content. This will ensure that the audience may discover you more easily at their convenience.

Using Instagram takeover and polls

You can also use another popular form of Instagram marketing for your business to gain more traffic from the social media platforms. This is the Instagram Takeover feature. If you want to use this feature in the best possible way, all you have to do is make arrangement for an influencer. The influencer will take over your account for a day for regular posts and even in a special event. This will help in two specific ways such as:

  • It will expose your brand or product more to your Instagram followers and
  • It will also give your business a lot more of external credibility.

Just as good is the Instagram Takeover feature is for creating a more responsive Instagram post, polls are also a great Instagram tool to increase credibility and visibility of your site. This tool will allow you to conduct a poll amongst your followers. This will help you further in lots of ways such as:

  • Monitoring the result
  • Get immediate feedback
  • Gain some valuable insights about the behavior of your customer as well as
  • Know their needs and deliver just as they want.

This will enable you to provide more value to your customers and they will be readily providing more relevant and useful feedback to you regarding your product and service. Analyzing these feedbacks, you will be able to know:

  • What are the options you should choose so that you provide them with all those add-ons that they are hungry for?
  • What are the preferred timings of the users so that they view your posts?
  • What are the best ways and things to communicate with them?

Polls will also tell you when the users like to receive emails and when they do not want it. You will also be able to know about their preferred subjects and topics and write on these in your future blog posts.

All these features will prove to be most useful and effective to cerate and push the Instagram Stories and get more response from your Instagram followers.

Get noticed more

For any business irrespective of its size, nature and type, having a good product or service is not all though it is one of the most important things to reach out to more and more customers and do well in business. Another most important thing is to get more people to notice your posts on Instagram. However related both of these are, they are completely different and needs different approaches to make it happen in your desired way.Sometimes all it would take is:

  • Using colors in the smartest way
  • Clear and legible fonts and
  • Proper backgrounds that will redirect users to your business site.

At other times you will need to implement different plan and approach to gain more traffic to your site.

Instagram typically has five specific fonts as of now from you can choose one. However, it is required to do a few experiments with these fonts to find out which is the best one to use. When the carefully selected font is combined with the right colors and backgrounds, it will fit properly with your message making it more reliable and effective. This will help your site to get noticed even more.

Use Instagram Stickers

Using Instagram Stickers is another useful way in which most of the businesses today reach out to more and more followers. This is marketing tool that is widely popular and includes square smiley faces. You can insert these faces at the top of the screen of your story post.

When you click on these smiley faces you will be able to use a wide array of features such as:

  • Location
  • Temperature
  • Clock
  • Date
  • Mention
  • Poll
  • Question
  • GIF
  • Sliderand
  • Music.

All these features will prove to be a useful tool to keep your Instagram users more engaged with the page to ensure that they do not go anywhere else but your site.

Wrapping it up

Instagram Stories is ideally the best feature of this visual platform that will enable you to influence and encourage your followers to visit your site. Through these stories you can let them know a lot of things such as:

  • About your product
  • About your business
  • About you and what you intend to do
  • The people behind the scenes
  • The operation and usefulness of your product and lots of other things.

When your users will have all this information, they will feel that your business, your product and most importantly your site is a reliable one to visit. They will be more encouraged to visit your site to know more about you and your product, the price to pay and may make a quick buying decision as well.

Therefore, Instagram is the best social media platform that can quickly and effectively increase the traffic to your site. 

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Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit Instagram followers for more information.