Cues That Wedding Planning is Taking a Big Toll on Your Life


We agree without any argument that wedding planning is one of the most strenuous tasks to manage. Couples plan for their wedding months or a year before the wedding date which exemplifies how much efforts they pour down to make their wedding one of its kind affairs.

Over the years, weddings have become more extravagant, bigger, and exorbitant. Because of the expansion of fashion and wedding planning industries, couples now have more options than ever lying in front of them when it comes to wedding planning. Drinking more and more cups of coffee and devoting ample time in wedding preparation doesn’t necessarily mean you will ace the wedding preparation.

However, when things get to the point when your wedding planning start taking toll on your physical and mental health, it is the point when you need to understand that there is something wrong going on. Surely, a bit of stress and jitter are understandable, but, make sure your excitement doesn’t drown your wedding preparation. Here are cues that indicate your wedding preparation is taking toll on you.

1. When People Around You Stop Asking About Preparation

When your parents and friends stop asking about how your preparation is going on, they know you will give them a long-lasting lecture on your wedding preparation. That’s why they don’t want to give you another opportunity to throw that lecture again.

2. Small Mistakes Make You Anxious

When you plan everything from scratch to the end perfectly but suddenly a poky glitch occurs in your preparation and your turn on berserk mode. If the small mistakes are making your nerve-rack and you contemplate over them for hours, it is another signal that there is something wrong with you.

3. When You Call List is Replaced

When the call log list, which once used to have the numbers of your friends and parents is replaced by the contact numbers of wedding planners, wedding caterer, or photographer, it is another cue that wedding planning is taking a toll on you.

4. Infuriating over Trivial Things

If little discussions with your partner or family members are brimming you with uncontrollable anger, you have totally lost the cool. Remember, the key thing here is to focus on wedding planning and rectifying problems which occur in between, not to fight with your dear ones.

5. Your Social Media Accounts Are Talking About Only Your Wedding

If you are posting every trivial or significant details of your wedding planning on social media, you, yourself are destroying all the hype of your wedding, and ultimately, your guests will lose interest in your wedding.

Instead of splurging everything on social media, try to keep things on your chest and strive to create a hype of your wedding for your guests.

6. You Start to Lose Sight of Your Marriage

When the rush of wedding planning gobbles all of your focus, it is the time when you start to lose the sight of your marriage. A wedding is all about making your special day as exorbitant as possible, therefore, don’t rush and keep the things seamless and low key.

7. Shopping Websites Become Your Besties

When shopping websites are the only things that you look after a day in and day out because you have ordered so many things from there, it is a strong cue of the beginning of the trouble in your life.

You don’t have time to have words with your besties but you have ample to check your order status every other minute. There is no wonder why you will not lose all your best friends with such a flippant attitude. To avoid this paranoia like conditions, rope in budget wedding planner in delhi to take care of your wedding shopping!

These are the major cues that you will face if the pressure of wedding planning takes toll on you. Be aware of these factors so that you can take necessary steps to cope up with them.