Effective Habits to Boost Your Skin Health

Boost Your Skin Health

The past few years have witnessed people worldwide investing more in a healthier lifestyle. The COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified the desire of people to become healthier, both physically and mentally. In Australia, the revenue of the vitamin and supplements industry duly reflects this trend. It is predicted to climb higher in the coming years. Till 2020, the industry was valued at AUS$ 1.6 billion. Every year, it witnesses a jump of around 6 percent. Health-conscious people are increasingly looking to buy collagen supplements in australia because of their powerful ingredients like blue spirulina, citric acid, and marine magnesium. Supplements in the gummy form are tasty and flavourful, and an easy way to support your skin health. 

Here are some effective habits that you should inculcate to notice a significant improvement in your skin health. 

Lather Sunscreen Before Heading out 

You can equate sunscreen to a secret weapon for retaining a youthful glow. Every time you go out without it, you expose your skin to the harsh rays of the sun. Aussies love having fun under the sun. But constant exposure to the sun without a barrier in between can tremendously increase the natural aging process of your skin. You can indeed appear older than your current age if you leave your skin bare while you spend time outdoors. When searching for a sunscreen, always look for a variant that provides broad-spectrum protection, has an SPF of 30 or higher, and is resistant to water.

Pay Attention To Your Protein Intake

This macronutrient is the building block of your tissues, muscles, and skin. Consuming a sufficient amount of it is imperative for getting healthier skin and nails. However, many vegetarians and vegans often find themselves deprived when it comes to finding protein sources. In such a case, consider supplementing your diet with a quality plant-based protein powder. Drink it after your workout or once every day to boost your overall protein intake.

Supplement with Collagen 

Collagen is a protein that functions as a significant building block for your skin, hair, bones, and muscles. It prevents your skin from sagging. But with age, the production of this protein decreases. Almost 49.1% of Australian women buy health supplements every six months. As you lose collagen with time, you can opt to buy collagen supplements in australia and make it a part of your anti-aging beauty regime. You can find a bundle of collagen gummies and powder at reasonable prices. They work overtime to enhance firmness, elasticity, and skin hydration.

Consider Self-Tanning Instead of Becoming Naturally Tanned

People in Australia love to acquire a natural tan. But getting naturally tanned can also increase your likelihood of developing skin cancer. You don’t need to prematurely age your skin by exposing it to harsh UV rays. Get a self-tanner and achieve the look you desire without risking your health. It’s a great step in keeping your skin health intact.

Keep Your Skin Well-Moisturised

If your skin is devoid of moisture, it will not look smooth and radiant. Hence, it’s important to use a moisturiser according to your skin type. A moisturiser keeps the top skin layer hydrated and smooths the space lying between your skin cells. Make it a habit to moisturise after you come out of the shower. If your skin gets irritated easily, use ointments rather than lotions. Do not use harsh soaps on your facial skin. Instead, use gentle cleansers.

Contrary to what you might think, preserving your skin health doesn’t have to be complicated. Inculcating certain healthy habits is enough to notice a significant improvement.