Explore Effective Ways How E-Commerce Retailers Are Exploiting SMS Marketing


Whether you are having an exclusive but small fashion boutique trying to boost your e-commerce brand or a big apparel store online that achieves millions in terms of revenue each month, it is of pivotal importance to get your e-commerce marketing stratagem right for achieving online success. SMS marketing is regarded as the number one channel to be used by consumers to effectively engage with businesses in most parts of the world. After a survey was conducted across 6,000 consumers from North America, Asia, and Europe, it was revealed that 9 out of every 10 consumers have a preference for text messaging for communicating with businesses. This study revealed that 8 out of every 10 consumers preferred using text messages to reply and connect with businesses.

We know that irrespective of the shape, nature, and size of your e-commerce store, you would encounter major challenges in terms of attracting and retaining loyal customers for your e-store. The online world is marked by fierce competition and excessive clutter and even the search engine advertising expenses are going up making it increasingly more difficult to run your e-commerce store smoothly and make reasonable profits.

All retailers aim to establish a successful business and provide top-class customer experiences. Even though prices and the quality of products are of prime importance, overall customer experience could make or even break a retail business. Retailers are constantly on the lookout for innovative and more effective ways of providing efficient, personal, and convenient shopping experiences. It is quite natural to find that modern consumers are doing a whole lot of shopping using their mobile devices. Cell phones have managed to bring shopping convenience right to the privacy of your home and at your fingertips. All this is radically transforming the way consumers are communicating. We know that 89% of consumers have a preference for texting over telephone calls or emails. Today SMS marketing is the best way of reaching shoppers on the go. You may seek expert services of reputed and reliable digital marketing companies such as Simple Texting.

Top Reasons to Incorporate SMS marketing into Your Overall Brand Promotion & Marketing Stratagem

Despite all the challenges, several e-commerce businesses have been successful in cracking the online marketing puzzle and have managed to attract potential customers and even convert them. Here are the top reasons to include an effective SMS marketing plan for boosting your e-commerce brand promotion and marketing.

Creates Mass Consumer Appeal

SMS marketing could be a crucial tool for retailers hoping to effectively build, grow, and boost brand loyalty. We know that consumers are spending almost 5 hours every day using their mobile devices. Statistics reveal that 97 percent of the consumers are used to texting a minimum of once every day as per Pew Research.

Provides Incredible Relevancy

We know that an email newsletter could go straightaway to the spam folder. However, consumers are more motivated to see text messages and go through them in a timely fashion.  We understand that 82 percent of the consumers are used to opening every text message received by them and that too, within 3 minutes of receiving them. Moreover, they would be reading the content of the SMS provided it is short and precise. They devote roughly 5 seconds to read the SMS. The open rate for SMSs is an incredible 98 percent as opposed to 20 percent open rate associated with emails as per Adobe.

Assures High Engagement

Text messages are not just reaching your customers; they are effectively driving more engagement. Almost 45 percent of the consumers are known to complete the entire desired action associated with the SMS. Moreover, 75 percent of the customers are too happy to receive promos and offers through SMS. This is simply because a wide majority of the buyers are in the habit of consulting their phones while making any purchase. Consumers are saving time this way as coupons, product information, and all other relevant info are conveniently available.

Ways How E-Commerce Retailers Use SMS Marketing to Their Advantage

Providing Personal Styling Services on the Go

You could pretty well imagine how much more convenient a digital shopping experience would become provided you could exchange product images quickly back and forth. Rather than describing a style in detail verbally, what if a consumer could simply share a screenshot of the product they want. Thanks to the two-way conversational style of text messages, professional stylists could indulge in going back and forth, ask critical questions to clarify doubts, infuse a personal touch with the consumer and end up making a sale.

Sending Sale Alerts and All Other Promotions via Text Messages

If a big sale seems to be around the corner, you could leverage the intrinsic power of SMS marketing to boost your sales. You could consider rewarding loyal customers with exclusive coupon codes. Text messages are the most effective ways of sending out promos and sale alerts to your subscribers easily and quickly.

Updating Order, Billing, and All Relevant Account Information

Business-texting software such asZipwhip’s helps you in storing credit card information of customers and shopping preferences such as size, etc. within the details page of contact thus, making recommendations and purchases incredibly easier.

Allowing Consumers to Shop and Make Purchases

You could consider setting up automation rules for your customers to easily SMS keywords. You could respond and provide links to products that they are looking for. This way, they could easily spot the items they want and make quick purchases.

Using Call-to-Action Buttons

As per https://www.forbes.com, a common reason why SMS campaigns are not successful is that CTAs are not presented effectively for consumers to recognize and understand what exactly to do with them.

Calls-to-action is effective in boosting customer engagement with all your text messages. That is precisely what you are looking for. You want to engage your potential customers, want them to attach some value to your SMS, read them at once, and consider interacting with and acting positively on them. Text messages often prompt customers to take the ultimate buying decision.


SMS marketing is based primarily on immediacy. People take on average just three minutes for opening text messages. Customer responses to promotions, sales, and events that are promoted via text messages are supposed to be effective mostly when they seem to be last-minute impulses. Suppose you have planned a store opening celebration on Friday night, it is best if you share text messages with your clients on Friday afternoon. Similarly, if at your restaurant, you have organized a dinner promotion, it is best if you could send the SMS not early in the morning but at the end of a usual working day to evoke impulsive decisions. Learn the SMS marketing tricks to achieve grand success for your e-commerce retail store.