10 Fashion Tips for Women for Stylish Look

Fashion tips

It is not at all necessary to follow fashionable canons, which dictate glossy magazines, in order to look stylish and attractive. Almost any woman will be able to learn how to dress beautifully and inexpensively if she listens to the recommendations of stylists. Attempting to wear only expensive clothes from famous brands is doomed to failure. Not all girls fit those models that offer catwalks and new collections in stores. Various fashion trends are aimed primarily at a commercial gain. Many new items may look ridiculous on a non-standard figure and make the opposite impression on others. What do stylists recommend to women who want to look stylish and relevant? Check out top 10 fashion tips for women that will make you stylish.

Comfortable Clothes:

To feel comfortable, it is important to wear comfortable clothes. It should not hamper, compress or contract the body. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of narrow skirts. They do not need to be combined with high-heeled shoes, so as not to feel constant discomfort. Do not wear too narrow sliding jeans. Any pants should fit perfectly on the figure.


A woman should definitely take care of her clothes. Things must be kept in a cool dark wardrobe. A closet where clothes are stored requires regular airing. For a fashionable thing to serve for a long time and look attractive, it must be properly washed. Check before washing recommendations on the label from the manufacturer. It is best to wash clothes with a small amount of conditioner, which will allow things to keep their structure and shape longer. 

Measure in Clothes:

According to many experts, a woman must forget about the word “fashionable.” In any dress it is important to observe the measure and not to go to extremes. Extremely ridiculous will look like a forty-year-old lady, who pulled on a tight top with a picture of Mickey Mouse. The same applies to a nondescript long skirt from a grandmother’s chest. The correct decision in choosing clothes will be elegant silhouettes, classic styles, unobtrusive, but interesting decor. Of course, in the ensemble, you can and should use some additional accessories. 

Perfect Combination:

Almost every woman intuitively knows what clothes best suit her. However, stylists are advised to adhere to some rules. It is better to highlight and focus on only one area. If you put on a dress with voluminous sleeves, then you should not wear a luxuriant hairstyle. Hair is better to comb smoothly. The short dress is successfully combined with tight tights. In the trend of bright models of hosiery, but the lady for 40 is better to prefer calm colors.

Some mature women do not want to look like a “blue stocking” and sometimes prefer to pamper themselves with extravagant or at least bright clothes. The calling ensemble of clothing in itself is already self-sufficient, so the shoes to it should be chosen as the most neutral shade and without too much decoration. 

Minimum Accessories:

Even if you love jewelry, they should not be worn in large quantities. It is necessary to forget about the necklace studded with rhinestones and voluminous clips. In the trend of sophistication, modesty, naturalness, and elegance. A neat pendant on a chain looks very stylish. Delicate chains-bracelets look beautiful and elegant. 


To look every day in a new way, it is not necessary to have a whole closet of things. The main thing is to learn how to combine them harmoniously and make up-to-date stylish ensembles. Get only the clothes that fit the figure perfectly.

Even the stars prefer to dress in everyday life in a T-shirt, jeans and ballet flats. An addition will serve stylish sunglasses. If you suddenly lost weight and recovered, be sure to go to the studio and correct things. You can change your appearance and with the help of hair, as well as the best makeup setting sprays

Careful Prints:

Colors and patterns on fabrics should be chosen with great care. Middle-aged and older women will like geometric patterns, floristics, abstraction, polka-dots, stripes. Of course, you should not wear children’s prints with funny cats. Choose muted and calm colors of things.

Choosing an original wardrobe, pay attention to the cut of clothes. The uneasy cut will make any lady more interesting and attract attention to her. Under the mood can be worn and ripped jeans, and evening dress. The main thing is to listen to your own intuition. Wearing an outfit, carefully evaluate yourself in the mirror and ask to rate yourself from a girlfriend or your loved ones.

New Material:

We should not overlook the new technology. Feel free to wear things from neoprene or plexiglass. The difference in the texture of things will be able to notice only a professional.

In the latest collections of low-cost brands are presented a large number of different things from neoprene and other inexpensive materials that perfectly imitate the originals. Choose the texture of things that is of excellent quality. 

Wear a Belt:

Even the most ordinary belt can change the entire ensemble beyond recognition. The stylish accessory perfectly expresses the waistline and focuses attention on the hips.

It is fashionable to fasten the belt as if you remembered about it just before the exit itself. In the trend easy negligence, so the end of the strap can be a little tuck on the side. It also looks stylish and tied at the side of the belt. This trick makes the appearance and the whole image much higher. The belt is a fashionable accessory that will make you look more interesting. 

Demonstration of Merit:

Even a non-standard figure with the help of clothes can be made proportional and attractive. Stylists recommend learning how to skillfully hide the shortcomings of your body, to mask the excessive fullness and wide hips. At the same time, it is important to determine that your figure is worthy of attention and with the help of clothes in every possible way emphasize merits. If you have beautiful legs and breasts, straight knee-length skirts and a V-neck blouse are the best options. 

The secret of success will be a successful selection of clothing, which emphasizes the advantages of the figure. Highlight beautiful breasts tight turtleneck. In this case, the bust will not fall out of it. The top of the body is very harmonized with a cashmere sweater with a V-neck. In choosing clothes, it is important to skillfully hide flaws and demonstrate virtues.