Features Of Airtel DTH HD – You Shouldn’t Miss!

Airtel DTH

Airtel DTH services have phased out not only standard cable TV but other DTH connections over time. A lot of brands offer services throughout the country and they are not just limited to the metropolitan cities. Airtel offers DTH connections across the entire country and allows you to enjoy HD content right at your home. Checking out the features available from Airtel DTH HD would offer you a better idea about why you should try it out. Let us take a look at the reasons why you should upgrade to Airtel DTH HD today itself.

Airtel gets full points for design and build quality of the devices

Though Airtel is famous for its cellular service, it also offers DTH connection and broadband. The Airtel DTH HD boasts of features like 7.1 surround sound capabilities, hull HD 1080i content, MPEG4 playback capabilities and others. The set top box looks much like others in the market. However, the all-black design and the hint of silver makes it a cool addition to your place. The device has a large sensor to the right and cooling vents at the top back and the sides. The connectivity offers ports for composite, HDMI, P/PDIF, Ethernet, charging port, TV and others.

Good interface

The interface of Airtel DTH HD can be broken into several categories, like shifting through various channels easily. The black interface and the options features in tabs look quite nice. The preview pane shows the channel that is selected at present and the content that is playing on the channel. The interface looks quite neat. If you select a movie, a reminder would be shown at the bottom of the screen. A bunch of HD channels are available with the DTH service. The DTH service offers features like the ability to stream movies and has a universal remote. You can also try out the interactive services offered by Airtel.

Performance factor

No matter the size and dimensions of the TV, Airtel DTH HD offers a powerful performance at all times. The set-top box offers a plethora of amazing live channels. The channels range from standard definition to high definition. There would be no lag in the content and it very easy to move through the interface. Unlike other DTH services, you would face no issue with Airtel DTH. This might urge you to upgrade to Airtel DTH HD as soon as possible.

Airtel DTH HD offers responsive performance and offers viewers with amazing content at exceptional prices. There are multiple packages that customers can choose from and enjoy some of the best services throughout the country. If you are looking to get a DTH connection today, Airtel DTH HD will certainly ensure supreme performance.