Unambiguous Guide On E-Verify ITR Through Demand Account Number


Here, demand is not only to draft, it is also to E-Verify ITR!

So, this time here we are with a guide to E-Verify ITR Through Demand Account Number.

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Although, in the modern era of verification, E-Verify ITR Through Demand Account Number isn’t just a name; it’s a never-ending online process.

Getting back to the topic — E-Verify Thorugh DAN!

After you successfully submit your income tax return, the next step is to verify it. Once the income tax department is verified, it starts processing your returns. The Income Tax Department has given the option to verify the return electronically or physically.

The return is done by generating e-verification electronic verification code (EVC). EVC is a 10 digit alphanumeric code that is sent to the registered mobile number. It confirms the identity of the taxpayer.

Easy Steps To E-Verify ITR Through Demand Account Number

Following illustrated are the easy steps that one need to follow out for the E-Verification of your ITR (Income Tax Return) done via the demand account number. 

01: Visit the Income Tax e-filing website. in your account. If you do not have an account, first register yourself.

02: After logging in, view Return/Form.

03: The following screen will appear. To see the pending returns for verification, click here to see “pending your return for e-verification”. Then click the e-Verification button.

04: The following screen will appear. Select the option to select the EVC through the 4 – demand account number.

05: In order to generate EVC, you must first have your Demat account prevalent. If the demand account is not already prevalent, then the following screen will appear. “See your Demat account in advance”

06: If the Depository Type is selected as NSDL, then enter the DP Id, Client ID, Mobile Number, Email ID and click on Prevailed. If the depository type is selected as CDSL, then enter the demand account number, mobile number, email id and click on “prevalent”.

07: On pre-verification, the success page appears. Click “yes” to generate EVC. EVC will be sent to a valid mobile number with the bank.

08: Enter EVC number and click submit

All done! 

The successful message will be displayed on the “Successfully returned e-verified” screen. Download Acknowledgment ‘This acknowledgment will also be sent to your registered email id.

You have successfully e-filed and verified your income tax return.


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