Halloween Contact Lenses: What You Need to Know Now


If you’ve ever been interested in coloured or innovative contact lenses, then Halloween is probably the best time of the year to give them a try. By now, you’ve almost certainly have decided on the perfect costume, and probably you are looking to add that final important touch – those eyes. Whether you want something attractive or grisly (and whether or not you need vision correction), there’s a broad range of lenses available to provide you with that look you want.

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But before you make your purchase, though, there are some important things to consider, whether you’re a contact lens beginner or an experienced pro it doesn’t matter. We’re here to illuminate you on everything about Halloween contact lenses, so you can stay safe, healthy and have a rather fantastic Halloween.

What are Halloween contact lenses, and how do they work?

Halloween contact lenses which are occasionally called Crazy lenses are creative lenses with designs patterns or other definitive, unnatural colours. You can come across abstract and colourfull designs or different shapes, as well as lenses that will give life to your animal costume. Cat-eye contacts, and crocodile eyes, where eyes are vertically slit, these are two popular Halloween contact lenses choices among the people. Black contacts for visually engorged eyes while whiteout and red-eye contacts are commonly used by those wearing zombie costumes or other similar costumes to indicate that they are undead creatures of the night.

You can buy some of these lenses with dioptric power where they provide vision correction, so you can choose to leave your glasses at home for your Halloween parties. With Halloween lenses, the outer ring of the lens is obscure, and the part with all the patterns and colours covers the pupil of the eye or the coloured part of the eye. The center of the lens is made to be transparent so you can see without having your vision obscured. On the flip side,  even though the iris of your eye is not covered by the opaque part of the lens, it’s important to keep in mind that with these type of contact lenses, your peripheral vision may be slightly hindered. When wearing coloured or Halloween contact lenses remember to always be cautious in places where the lighting is low or dim, like haunted houses, and be sure to always avoid driving while wearing these lenses.

Do I need a prescription?

This is of absolute importance, you must not use any contact lenses without proper prescription whether they are coloured, crazy or Halloween contacts or vision-correcting lenses.

It is always recommended to have a thorough discussion with an eye-care professional before purchasing any type of contact lenses, after an inspection and eye exam the specialist will recommend you the right contact lenses for your eyes. This is to make certain that you have properly fitting contact lenses and that you know how to care for them and manage them with proper hygiene, you cannot afford to meddle with the health of your eyes. Once this is checked off your list, you may order your preferred contact lenses online or purchase them from a nearby store. For special occasions, like Halloween, it can be alluring and may seem suitable to buy lenses from your local retail shop or from any online eCommerce websites, but it is of crucial importance that you buy lenses from retailers or online websites that are authorized and who always ask for prescription before they sell you contact lenses.

Some inspiration to choose your Halloween lenses

Now that you know a lot more about the safety and precautions of Halloween contact lenses, you can focus on the enjoyable part –  that is choosing the best Halloween contact lenses UK for your terrifying Halloween costume. You can always count on Hollywood and other cartoons for your Halloween inspiration, and 2019 has not been short of any spine chilling films. Horror movies reigned this year, with some new faces and some old ones taking the stage once again with Annabelle and IT clown making a spooky comeback. And, for less terrifying options, you can always find the best options in animation films or TV shows such as Game of thrones for simple Halloween costume ideas to spark your spooky dress and provide you with much-needeed creativity.

Final reminders

Despite terrifying stories in the news, dangers caused by crazy contact lenses as reported sometimes in the news are rare occurrences but it is a must that you follow the safety measures associated with contact lenses. Always avoid cheap Halloween contact lenses from dubious suppliers, and if you notice any discomfort at all in your eyes such as itchiness, take off the lenses immediately and consult with your eye specialist.