Health Conscious Uses for Blenders


As we all focus on ways to cut costs while improving the eating habits within our homes, blenders have become a worthy investment in self-reliance and more health conscious diets. Consumers are becoming more resourceful and blender manufacturers as well as cooking experts are vying to fill the needs of a society that is determined to reduce a dependency on prepared, store-bought products.

Grinding Wheat in a Blender

Most nutritionists and chefs agree that freshly ground wheat retains more nutrients and tastes sweeter than store-bought flour. Whole wheat berries can be purchased in either the white or red varieties.

Grinding the wheat berries in a blender may require a bit of patience since they have to be added a little at a time. The superior quality of the resulting flour is well worth the extra effort for the serious baker.

Ground Coffee in a Blender

Though there may be little to no health advantage to grinding your own coffee beans, there is a significant price and quality advantage. Buying whole coffee beans is much more economical than buying them ground. Coffee connoisseurs all agree that coffee should be ground just prior to brewing for best results. This is another instance in which the grinding should be done gradually but the extra work pays off in the superior product.

Homemade Baby Food

Many parents are preparing baby food themselves to avoid unnecessary additives and preservatives from being introduced into the baby’s diet. Blenders work well for this task but it is important to remember that most foods need to be softened by pre-cooking before blending.

Ripe bananas don’t need to be cooked but most other fruits and vegetables do. Do not add salt or sugar for best nutritional results. If the blended mixture is too stiff, use breast milk, formula or water for thinning.

Blended Drinks

Probably one of the biggest boosts to the popularity of blenders has been the advent of health shakes or smoothies. People blend any number of concoctions designed to promote health. The health conscious diet can include anything from fresh fruit drinks to seaweed or wheat germ mixtures. It is best to obtain a good recipe book and experiment with individual taste.

Homemade soups

All kinds of soups can be successfully prepared in a blender of both chunky and creamy varieties. Due to the high speeds of the blender blades and motor, many blenders produce enough heat to even cook the soups. This should never be relied upon for sufficient cooking for cream based soups.