Although the pandemic majorly curbed us from outside interactions, it also stimulated our creative juices to get flowing! Staying locked up indoors meant we had to find new hobbies that could potentially become an online venture.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok actually have empowered stay-at-home creative artists. From online tutoring lessons to acrylic nail kit reviews, we have done it all and more! Among the list of talents that have surfaced over the past two years: skincare, makeup, and accessorisation have had the most popularity.

This has impacted market sales majorly, that even Australian institutes like TAFE, etc., offer specialisations in makeup and nail technology.

Most liked stay-at-home skills:

  • Character Make-up: The pandemic has encouraged many make-up enthusiasts to upscale make-up as an art form. Many artists replicate famous character makeups on their scale–these can be from Bratz Dolls to culturally inspired makeup. Eyeliner looks have also become a specialised skill. Many artists take movies/series in vogue and make designer eyeliner looks that are nothing short of professional!
  • Tiktok Sing-Alongs: This one is for music enthusiasts. Singers from across the world sing their favourite songs and record them as a TikTok. Anybody who thinks their voices are compatible can just sing along to that video. Such videos typically have colour-coded part distributions. The end product is usually a musical masterpiece!
  • Nail Art: This field has been hitting the roof with its creative endeavours. People have found ways to incorporate tangible objects into nail art. Recently, acrylic nail kits have been getting a lot of attention. These are kits that facilitate making acrylic nail paints at home and design them the way you want! Typically, beginner kits come with the following products:
    • Tinted acrylic powders
    • False nail tips
    • Cuticle pusher
    • Nail dust brush
    • Gel brush

Professional kits contain a lot more complex tools like nail primers and buffing blocks. These acrylic nail kits come in various colours, depending on whether you’d like a matte or glossy finish. They also have two types: DISCOVER and SAMPLE kits which are of different complexities based on your comfort and learning.

Apart from an acrylic nail kit which usually offers acrylic powders, acrylic nail liquids are also available to simplify the process. But one must be careful as it dries at a faster rate than the powders. These kits can be used several times for an application, and they also come at extremely affordable prices. Since they can be accessed faster and have greater longevity, people prefer purchasing such kits rather than going to a salon to get their nails done!

  • Pouring Art: This is a type of fluid art that has become extremely popular amid the pandemic. The process involves a square canvas of a suitable size and paints of your choice. Essentially, the artist pours the paint in random but calculated movements and moves the canvas around to create patterns that cannot be created with a paintbrush. Sponges, glitter pens, and paintbrushes are later used to add texture to the artwork.
  • Stitching tutorials: Stitching an entire piece of dress might sound wild. But the content creators online have made tutorials to make that process feasible for you at home! There are beginner-level stitching videos that teach you how to make your tees or shorts from upcycled clothes. There are expert-level videos too that teach you how to stitch a ball gown, from the corset to the external skirt!