How can eCommerce stores acquire new customers?


To most business owners, the only purpose of owning their company is making and keeping a customer. Think about it. Even after spending months of working on a great idea, you wouldn’t be moving forward if you don’t have any customers.

Therefore, any future growth will hinge on customer acquisition. So, how can you unearth new opportunities to help your business grow? How can you acquire customers when the marketplace is becoming increasingly crowded?

For instance, on any day, you can find a billion emails being sent, and those are just the figures for MailChimp. Similarly, websites publish millions of blogs each day. You have to differentiate yourself to win customers and then stick around enthusiastically to form your loyal customer base.

Well, let us bounce around some ideas:

Pay attention to existing customers

This may be an article about acquiring new customers, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop paying attention to existing ones. Don’t conclude that you don’t have enough customers the moment business slows down. Remember both customer retention and acquisition are important parts of running a business.

Loyal customers are more important than new ones — and even the ones who have only made a single purchase on your website. After all, their conversion rate is higher, and they are the source of higher revenue generated each time they visit your online store. Moreover, they are already familiar with your brand, how to use your products, and don’t require a learning curve. Thus, introducing customer loyalty programs can be highly advantageous for you!

Instagram integration is a plus

Instagram is a social media giant; you open the way for your business to reach over 500 million daily active users! The numbers are only going to grow since the site connects consumers with influencers who can promote brands – your brand.

How can you engage your targeted audience on Instagram? Start by taking compelling photos of your products and posting them there. You also have the strategic use of hashtags to help you through the learning curve. You can finetune your approach by posting at the right times and consistently. Soon, you will have a considerable following of people with an interest in your products. Just as you’ll learn about SEO, the organic approach to building an Instagram presence is the way to master engaging with your followers.

Additionally, you can keep increasing the number of people following you in different ways. For instance, by:

  1. Running contests
  2. Showcasing the process of your product development with behind-the-scenes footage
  3. Paid ads
  4. Creating a direct path to purchase with the stories feature

You can also use Facebook ads in a similar way.

Run promos and discounts

Don’t we all love it when a store shaves off their prices? Your customers will love it too! The surprising thing about promos and discounts is that their value isn’t what makes us happy. The psychological mechanism responsible for making us feel irrationally excited is what matters! When your customers associate your brand with this positive feeling, they are likely to stay with you.

Creating this feeling for your online store to attract clients is possible in various ways. One idea is to offer your clients free shipping. Look at this example. It doesn’t only offer free shipping worldwide; it also shows related items. Let’s break this down. Firstly, a higher number of purchases grow in stores significantly when the shipping fee goes down – or isn’t there. Sometimes, eCommerce businesses will also pair free shipping with a peculiar price, such as spending more than 50$.

Secondly, placing similar items from the Online Leather Store within reach, so that the customer can add to their shopping carts can generate more sales for you. It also indicates to your customers that you appreciate them. When the customer purchases more products, they will get free shipping. Thus, you stimulate your clients to buy more since they wouldn’t have to pay for shipping.

Besides promos, you can also gain new customers by distributing discount coupons. Stimulate their interest in making their first purchase with the deal. Of course, you can also reward loyal customers with special offers, such as buy two and get the third for free. This way you won’t just show them you appreciate their patronage. You’ll also encourage new clients to sign on with you.

Target your blog content

So, this way may not be a quick solution. However, you cannot afford to ignore it for less effective quick-fixes. Start by writing authoritative content for your online shop’s contextual domain. Make them fun and interesting. You can use such targeted content to boost your site’s SEO with the help of organizations like don’t underestimate the importance of organic SEO and its place in marketing strategy.

Focus on the quality of the traffic and not the quantity

We’d like to caution you against placing blind trust in an inexpert SEO agency. If they don’t know what they are doing or simply inept, they can present great but ineffective results. Many e-commerce marketing professionals do realize that an online store’s website will need traffic. However, if they don’t focus on the quality of that traffic, your store doesn’t get eCommerce success.

Sure, SEO brings visitors to your website, but it cannot generate customer confidence. It will be up to you to get them to believe in your product. Fail at that, and they won’t buy on the first visit. When they leave without purchasing, the chances are high that they will not return. You lose proponents who could spread the word about your products. Padding your website hits won’t do much good.

Parting thoughts

In short, you know what to do. Not only will you need to select the right channel to bring in new customers, but you’ll also have to test any content that you create. Wow, your customers and they will convert. Decide how fast and diligent you need to be to acquire them, what channels you will use, and the long-term strategies that you will use to lower the cost of customer acquisition. Get a handle on it and watch your digital store grow.