How can I fix my cracked iPad screen?


The iPad can be defined as a tablet computer designed by Apple, and it was launched in 2010 and is characterized by its shape similar to the shape of the iPhone, except that its size is large, that reaches the size of a magazine. It is considered to be the beginning of the emergence of tablets, as in 2012 millions of devices were sold around the world. It is a useful and modern device, and all applications can be downloaded on it, through which we can communicate with people, take pictures and video. It is a treasure that includes many features and advantages, but what do we do if we misuse it and the screen is broken? How is the iPad 1 screen repair done?

IPad Repair of the broken screen

Unfortunately, accidents are a part of our life and no matter how careful you are, the situation may arise as your tablet device can be dropped to the ground or ends up partially or completely breaking the screen. If the damage is so big that you are thinking to fix it, you can go to Apple and they’ll change it there. But, how much does it cost for iPad 1 screen repair in Apple?

What does the warranty say about it!

When purchasing an electronic device, regardless of its location and model, you will be subject to the Electronic Products Warranty Law. In the majority of the countries, a minimum of two years is required as some damages that may or may not extend the trademark are covered. As a rule, the first year of this period will be the manufacturer that covers this warranty, which is Apple in the case of iPads. During the second year, you will have to go to the place where you bought it and if it is Apple, then the company will be responsible for that again.

Free repair

There are cases when the repair can be done at zero cost. It is not usual for many products to be affected by a problem in the factory. It might be the case that a certain batch of iPads has a manufacturing defect that affects its screen, and is, therefore, more prone to breakage than usual without having to drop or hit it.

In most of these cases, Apple itself reports this fact and opens a free iPad 1 repair program which may have a certain period.


 If your screen starts to crack for no apparent reason, we recommend that you contact the experts from the company who would be able to confirm that it is a factory fault or not, in that case, you will be able to access the repairing process.

If the damage to your iPad screen is accidental, you have an old iPad, or has some other damage caused by unauthorized repairs, then it is considered outside the coverage of statutory warranty, and therefore you will have to pay your iPad 1 repair.