How Delhivery Works?

Delhivery Works

Delhivery is the largest logistic and carrier service functioning in all the corners of India. The company was established in the year 2011 with a workforce of only 150 delivery agents. When it started functioning, it had received around 500 orders to deliver per day but since its inception in 2011 to the current year, its position has changed terrifically in the market. Now it has to deal with a total burden of delivering more than 10 lakh order deliveries per day from different companies.

Delhivery provides delivery services in the most difficult terrains as well which makes it stand out from other companies working in this space. It is also very easy and convenient to track the delivery of orders form Delhivery using Delhivery shipment tracking labels. Delhivery offers various shipping services to the customers which include Air express shipping, Sea and air cargo shipping, full truck freight as well as global shipping. Due to the wide variety of services being provided by the company, it has been growing by leaps and bounds and is expected to grow more rapidly in the few coming years. The process of delivering the products that is followed by Delhivery is as follows:

  • It works on a model based on information accumulation. It means that before collecting and delivering the product, the company tries to get as much information as possible about the package. This information includes Name and addresses of the buyer and the seller, Place of the manufacture of the product, mode of payment (whether the order is prepaid or cash on delivery), area of delivery etc.
  • After the information is gathered, the packages are assembled at a single place in the warehouse. Then they are separated on the basis of the delivery area and mode of payment.
  • All this information is explicitly shown on the packages. This information is contained in a black and white slip that is attached with the package. This slip is known as Delhivery shipping label. This label has a unique bar code that is the describes the SKU of the product in the package. It also mentions the name and contact details of the person to whom the order should be returned if not wanted or is undelivered.
  • The delivery agents are responsible for getting the delivery sheet signed and collecting all the cash if the order was not prepaid.
  • Once the package is delivered, it is notified to the seller as well as the buyer. This ensures security and recording of the transaction.

Delhivery focuses on making the delivery in the shortest time possible with the most efficient staff members. It has been able to carve a niche for its services amongst the tough competition only because of its timely and super professional services. The packages are well packed and there is no leakage or complaints of missing items from the order. Not only does it serve the customers, but the companies as well as faster delivery means more orders from the customers. This increases the revenues of the firms and ultimately results in more growth of Delhivery logistics.