How Designing for the Web has Changed? 3 Reasons You Need to Know About

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Can you tell me what you think after hearing the word design? No matter if it is concerned with websites or simply any design pattern for apparel, etc. I am sure most of your will think about any design you have witnessed off late, like a poster on a wall, a design on a billboard or a website’s layout that you liked so much. Yes, the design is all around us, and it will take a really long article to cover every aspect of it. So, I will limit this post to the digital experiences we have.

On the web, you will find designs that have been seen changes over several years. We all see websites, social media platforms, and apps and see a lot of design patterns. If you think that these great designs are just a matter of chance, they aren’t. Much research is needed to come up with a relevant design for any product. Let me offer you an example of a pen so that you can understand what goes behind the design for any website.

Marketing a Pen in a Saturated Market

Highly saturated marketplaces like Dubai, London, New York City, Tokyo, etc. have a lot of things common in them. If you are planning to enter the market, even with a small product like a pen, or a big product like a car, you need to be fully aware of the consequences that you will face here. Even if you are a small-time player or a big one with lots of experience in the market, an online presence is necessary, and that’s where web design dubai for any company is necessary.

If you are looking to market a pen which you may think is in direct competition with lots of others in a similar price category, you need to rethink your strategy. And similarly, your online designing strategy too. While you are targeting a small demographic, for example, billions of people across the world can logon to your website and have a look at it. So, your design needs to be impeccable.

That takes us back to the question I discussed with you at the start of this post or rather the main topic: how web design has changed over the years and what we need to know here. There are examples where just a change of a logo or the tagline can generate millions of dollars in revenue. So, let me offer you 3 distinct ways in which designing is making the World Wide Web change drastically.

1. Artistic Abilities of the Designers

With all the latest technologies and tools, it’s a given that designers now are more competent and experienced in making a design that rock. In just the last few years, the quality of the designs and their uniqueness has increased manifold. Considering other design mediums, web design has seen a lot of evolution because every one of us uses it, and that’s why the expectations are always high.

A new generation of designers has such artistic abilities that they can attract visitors to a website and keep them engaged for a long period. The reason is simple; it’s a necessity for their very survival. Anything lethargic or mediocre, and clients will simply ditch them and go to another designer. The skillset has increased with designers having now much experience in designing not just ecommerce websites but also related to healthcare, showbiz, sports, politics, etc.

The digital experience nowadays will leave you awestruck if you loved what was presented to you around 5 years ago. A lot of current designers are adept in playing with the tools and software to come up with awe-inspiring and fascinating designs. But it is their creativity and thinking out of the box which makes things spicy as they can design websites and graphics which make them stand out in their work.

2. An Unconventional Career Path

You may wonder why I am referring to designing to be unconventional, but there are certain things that you need to know here. First of all, if you think that only designers having a passion for designing and with a college degree/diploma/certification from a reputed institute can design great websites, then you are wrong. Freelancing has open a vast field for everyone to try their luck or with their creativity/imagination, making a career in any field is not difficult anymore.

If you ask all the designers working for top designing companies in Dubai and other cities, you will find quite a few of them not having professional qualifications in this concern. It is rather their imagination and creativity, which has drawn them towards this field. There are several reasons as their diverse backgrounds help them in coming up with great designs for the web as they can take inspiration from several other fields.

3. New Breed of Designers Will Dominate shortly

With the advent of new technology just like we see in mobile app development and web development, for example, web design will also benefit for sure. And it’s the new breed of designers who will lead from the front. A web designer’s job is to create a mesmerizing experience for the visitors of a website, and with the latest tools and software, a designer can make things interesting for a company and its featured products.

The recent rise of IoT, AI, AR, and VR will make web designing an arena to look forward to. Designer’s exposure to concepts once thought to be alien for anyone are now in their grasp. Examples are their understanding of the field of data science and behavioral science that can make their work stand out.

New designers with lots of exposure to this field and having lots of new ideas in this concern will make a website’s design a real marvel to look at rather than just another site with customary pages. The future holds much promise for all of us, either as an audience or as a disruptor. It is up to you what you want to become.

Over to you

There are several aspects here which I think would be of interest to my readers. If you want to know more about them, want to offer your feedback or add your bit, please use the comments section below.