How does Twitter work for Dummies


Even though Twitter has been used widely by millions of people, and users of diversified backgrounds are joining this social media site in droves; however, a vast majority of people are still not able to understand the basics of Twitter. To this majority, Tweets are just simple messages that journalist post when they do not have something important to do.

Luckily, Twitter has come up with a brand new campaign that is aimed at educating the masses on the usage of Twitter. In this campaign, Twitter has provided the ins and outs of all its functionalities in simple terms. You can go through the following concise glossary to have an idea about the basics of Twitter.


@ Sign distinguishes you from all the other Twitter users. It is basically a unique username that is provided to the users when they create the account. Choose it carefully to impress your community.


A hashtag is a clickable link that helps the users in finding a particular subject. For instance, if you want Ronaldo fans to read your tweets, then end your tweet with the tag #Ronaldo. Moreover, if you’re going to express your views about Donald Trump, then you can use #Trump.


Initially, Tweets were just short, 140 character messages that could be used to promote your business. But now, Twitter has extended the length of tweets to 280 characters. Be consistent while expressing yourself to get more Twitter followers. Otherwise, people might think that you are just wasting their time.


Is someone offending you continuously? Or you don’t want to see someone again on your twitter feed?! If yes, then the option of the block is a refreshing blessing for you. You can block any user from the twitter who is encroaching upon your personal space.

Direct Message:

Directed Messages are also called private messages, and they can only be seen by you and the sender. Along with twitter, the feature of DM is also used by other social media platforms such as Instagram. This feature has been invented purely to prevent others from sending unauthorized content to you.


Followers are the people on twitter who follow your content. They follow you because they are also interested in the things in which you are interested. It is a rule that the higher your follower count, the better and the famous a person you are.


You respond to the other tweets by replying. It means that if a famous person has tweeted something, then you can articulate an exciting comment to get the attention of followers. However, keep in mind that you might get blocked from replies if you are passing below the belt or inflammatory comments.


You like the tweets of others if you find something entertaining or amusing in it. You do it with the help of a heart-shaped icon, and people think that they have conquered the whole world if they get more heart-shaped icons (amazing! Isn’t it?).


Twitter users mention you if they want you to read their tweets. To check who else has referred you, you will have to click on the bell icon. A list of all the people will appear who are somehow linked to your profile. If you are a man, you might find two to three mentions. However, if you are a woman, you will have to handle plenty of mentions.


Posting someone else’s tweet on your Twitter account is called retweeting. You can retweet some content on your profile if you like it. You can also retweet the posts of famous celebrities to your feed to gain some traction.


Trends are generally referred to as the activities and the hashtags that are extremely popular at a particular moment. People may instantly start talking about someone’s hair, or a new costume can become the obsession of Twitter users. Following the trending things will enhance your interaction with the notable community.

That’s all. You have just joined Twitter, and you don’t know how to use it, then this article will help you in all your learning efforts. Please drop a comment if you are still facing complications in using Twitter.