How Parents can Monitor Kid’s Phone without Them Knowing


Are you concerned about excessive cell phone use of your kid? Do you want to know what activities he performs on his smartphone? Do you want to monitor his social media and online activities? Everything has become possible now, thanks to mobile phone monitoring app. The technologists have facilitated parents in keeping track of mobile phone activities of their children with the use of cell phone tracking app. Once you install the app on your kid’s mobile phone, you can secretly and closely watch out almost all activities performed on the cell phone device without letting your child know.

Hidden Cell Phone Monitoring App

To keep a secret eye on your kid’s cell phone activities, you need to take support of the hidden cell phone tracking app. While there are many reliable apps for child monitoring, we recommend TheOneSpy to non-tech savvy parents because its user-friendliness. The app lets you monitor and manage smartphone of your kid without letting him know about phone monitoring. Once you install the app on your little one’s mobile phone, you do not need to access his phone again. The tracking app will automatically provide you with the information you need to ensure your kid’s protection in the digital world.

The best thing about the spy app is that it remains undetected on your kid’s phone. You can hide the app icon during app installation. Moreover, the spy app works with complete secrecy without alerting your kid and showing any notification or producing sound. Read on to know what cell phone activities can be monitored with the use of cell phone monitoring app.

Monitor Online and Offline Chats

Are you worried about your kid’s unusual texting? The android monitoring app sets all your worries to rest by keeping you updated about your kid’s online and offline text messages. You can read all of their chats right from the web portal of TheOneSpy. The spy app lets you monitor SMS, MMS and instant messages. Also, you can get contacts of message senders and receivers.

Monitor Social Media Apps

What your kid does on social media is important to know. The unsupervised use of social networking platforms can expose your kid to online harassment, child predation, sexting and scamming among other online dangers. The spy software for android smartphones allows tracking Tinder, Instagram, Facebook and many popular social media and dating platforms.  

Monitor Instant Messengers

The text messages, audio calls, video calls, photos and videos exchanged via popular instant messengers can be monitored with cell phone spy app. It includes but not limited to WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Line, Viber, IMO and Kik messenger.

Monitor GPS Location

The android tracker software lets you find the whereabouts of your kid. You can know the current GPS location of your little one by tracking his phone. Also, you can get detail of tours made by your kid within a specific time period. The spy app also offers geo-fencing to restrict kids from entering unsafe areas.

Monitor Browsing History

The internet use of children can be monitored with android monitoring software. The app provides you with the internet browsing history and bookmarks of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It lets you know which websites you kid visits. If any age-inappropriate website is being visited, you can block that website.

Monitor Calls

The android monitoring and parental control app lets you listen to the phone calls received and made by your kid. You do not need to ask who is calling your kid and what they are talking about. The spy app will let you know everything without any inconvenience. The tracker app records all inward and outward phone calls that can be listened through the web portal of TheOneSpy. You can also access call logs to get contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Monitor Contacts

The spy app takes you to the Phonebook of your kid. You can make changes in the contact list without accessing the phone and direct from the online portal of the spy app.

Monitor Photos & Videos

You can see photos and videos stored in your kid’s phone gallery without accessing the phone. The mobile tracker app creates an online backup of all media files stored on your kid’s phone. You can access the backup right from the online portal of the tracker app.