How to Do a Professional Facial at Home, Easily!


One of the best ways to pamper ourselves after long days of enduring stress and pressure in our daily routines is to getting some facial. Everybody needs to reward themselves self some time, and facial can be done, as much as possible, even every month. That is if you can and you have enough resources. But, worry no more! Because you can achieve and be a prettier you by having a facial at the comfort of your home. Here’s how:


Before putting something on the face, it is important that you have to remove the dirt, oil and other chemicals that can block the products that you will use. Also, you must know what type of soap or cleanser that works for your skin type. Do the following:

  • Wet your face with water. If using an oil cleanser, start by drying the skin and wet with water halfway through the cleansing
  • Start cleansing in the chin upward in circular motions
  • Cleanse gently, using two fingers in face massaging. You can do some little pressure, but do not pull or tug the skin.
  • Do not use cold or hot water in cleansing. Warm would do.
  • If using an oil cleanser, follow it with a foaming cleanser.
  • Pat the face dry.


This may sound harsh, but it can give a cleaner and fresher outlook to your skin because removes the dead skin cells leaving your face softer, makes your skin tone more even, and also allows the skin care product to penetrate deeply. 

Here, you can use some homemade face scrubs. In exfoliating, put small portions of face scrub o the face and gently massage it using the pinky and ring fingers. 


Steaming helps to open the skin’s pores, soften it and give better blood circulation. 

You can look for some homemade steams that will fit for you. Just remember to do these in steaming:

  • Use a dry towel that is large enough to cover your head and shoulders.
  • Lean your face to the steam, but do not get too close, usually 10-18 inches away
  • Do not steam for longer than 10 minutes


Now, your face is clean, its pores are open, and its time to put some facial mask. However, you should also know the type of facial mask that fits your skin type and its needs as well. You can also look for DIY facial masks. 


After masking, it is important to put some toner because it balances the pH levels of the skin, making it bring back to its natural state. 


Serum treatment is another step in making the most of your facial. Also, there are lots of serum that can work for you, just be sure that you know what it needs. There are serums with rosehip oil that can help reduce the signs of aging. Serums with aloe vera and chamomile help to calm redness and acne.


Pack up your facial regimen with a moisturizer that works best for your skin type. Giving your face another good facial massage helps its muscles get evenly toned to prevent the face from sagging and to evenly penetrate the beneficial oils right through the skin. It also helps to relieve the skin from too much stress. 

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