How to parents protect teenagers on WhatsApp & Facebook from online threats?

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Social media apps and websites are on the rise and nowadays young kids and teens are addicted to instant messengers no time ever before. Therefore, we used to see kids using their phones all day long and spend plenty of time on the screen using plenty of social apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp. These are the two most successful social digital platforms in the current world where people love to make their accounts using their mobiles connected to the internet.

Apart from Facebook and WhatsApp instant messaging apps addiction, there are plenty of activities of teenagers and kids that can harm them online. So, parents need to aware of the fact that online threats on social media have evolved to the next level and today youngsters are willingly or accidentally getting closer to the online threats to the fullest.

Why protect teenagers Online Threats from Facebook & WhatsApp Online threats?

Adult content

Social media platforms that are popular among everyone such as FB and WhatsApp don’t control the content shared on it. Therefore, youngsters who have their profiles on particular social apps are more likely to access it. The use of abusive language, full and semi-naked videos and images are widely present on Facebook and the instant messenger. That’s why teens used to see the adult content and at the end of the day start exploring it to know about their sexual orientation.

 On the other hand, young kids are not aware of how to set privacy on their profiles to prevent inappropriate content. If some have anonymously shared sexual suggestive photos and videos tweens are not aware of how they can report the adult content on popular social media websites and apps.

Online Predators

Real-life predators have been migrated to the web and today Facebook and other social media apps are full of cyber predators. Stalkers, online bullies, and sexual predators are always in the search of youngsters to bully them online, to trap teens for sexual motives and plenty of others alike. So, teens and kids have to deal with their online privacy and parents, on the other hand, need to aware of it. Facebook and WhatsApp users under the age of 18 are at higher risk to become the victim of online predators.

Almost 56% of youngsters bullies online on Facebook and 13% on WhatsApp respectively.


It is an act of sending and receiving sexual messages, orientation in terms of photos and videos of itself on social media websites and apps. Today, kids and teens love to follow celebrities and share their semi-nude photos and videos on social media that also provoke cyber predators to approach teens. Moreover, teens who send and receive text messages using nude language to their lovers and other ones having heated arguments also called sexting. Facebook and WhatsApp are one of the top social platforms where sexting is a common trend. 

How Parents can protect Teenagers from online Threats?

If you want to make sure teenagers from online threats particularly on Facebook and WhatsApp then you need to set parental control on kid’s cellphones. Therefore, you need to visit the web and then get their hands on the cell phone parental control app. So, you need to install the mobile phone monitoring app and once you have completed the process of installation then activate it on the target device. Now get access to the web control panel of TheOneSpy parental monitoring app. Use its powerful features to protect teenagers from cyber threats.

Live screen recording

The end-user can remotely get access to the teen’s mobile phones and further you can perform live screen recording. So, you can make short videos of the screen in a series when teens are up to Facebook and WhatsApp. Furthermore, you can deliver all the live recorded videos to the dashboard that you can watch it and update yourself about your activities.

Social media logging

Parents can remotely get the social media apps activity logs of kid’s phones. Parents can see the logs of WhatsApp and Facebook such as text messages, conversations, audio-video conversations, shared multimedia and last but not the least Voice messages.


Cell phone tracking app to spy on WhatsApp & Facebook is the best tool that empowers parents to protect teenagers from online threats to the fullest.