How to Pick the Right EHR Consulting Services

Patient Management System

Every healthcare organisation today needs EHR. It is perhaps the most critical medical software that you have at hand. Not only must you select the right EHR software to install, you must also ensure that it is updated regularly. This is tricker than it might appear. There are multiple EHR vendors, since almost every software company has an EHR software. The scope of the software will also depend on the size of the company.

The most prudent solution is to hire EHR consulting services. A consultant has a thorough knowledge of the industry, different vendors, the standard requirements, the trends and latest versions. Hiring a consultant can give you an understanding of the overall industry with a focus on your own requirements, so that you can make an informed decision. Because a consultant’s advise is so important, you must sleet your consultant carefully.

Consultant Vs Reseller

When you hire a consultant, you should also know if they run a consultancy or working as resellers. Both can help you in selecting an EHR software, but the difference lies in the details. Consultants are advisors who are independent and not bound to any vendor. Resellers have a fiduciary relationship with a vendor or a group of vendors. They receive a percentage of the sales from the vendor as their payment. Hence, they are more interested in selling you the vendors’ products by Custom Healthcare Software Development Company.

Buying from a reseller is fine as long as you are sure of the product you are looking for. A consultant may be more useful when you are not as sure and want an informed opinion about your choices and the right product(s) for you company. Ethically speaking, a reseller or a consultant should disclose any prior arrangement they have with any broker. But this does not always happen. So, don’t hesitate to ask if the EHR consulting services has a fiduciary arrangement with any vendor. You should know who you are dealing with.

Factors to check when hiring a consultancy firm:

You cannot hire the first consultancy you find on the yellow pages. As your main tech advisor, the EHR consultancy should be chosen more carefully. Make a shortlist of possible candidates by asking around among peers, forums or other informed sources. Once you have a list, you can then whittle it down according to the following factors:

Specialisation: Not all healthcare organisations are the same. Some are concerned with administration policies and tracking patient health, while some are focused on treatment. There are also different scales of operations — from a massive multi-speciality hospital to a small clinic. Since the type of institution and scale varies so much, ether is no one-size-fits-all solution in EHR software. After all, a small clinic with a single doctor will have no use for the multi-directional software of a hospital.

Before you hire the EHR consulting services, be sure that they have dealt with your kind of institution and have the specialisation. This will indicate that they understand your particular requirements and the software that is most likely to meet it. Specialisation in a field gives the consultant an insight that even you may not have. They can better predict the challenges and working.

Services: If you are looking for more than a mere consultancy, you should check the other services provided by the firm. Do you want other IT services like hardware and other software? Do you want installation, training and updating services? Not every consultancy will offer you the whole bouquet of services. So, ensure the particulars before you decide.

References: Always get references and then follow these up. Ask specifically for references from your industry specialisation. Call up past clients and ask them about their experience. Are they happy with the services provided? How receptive were the consultants to their queries and doubts? How competent were they in installation and training (if you’re hiring them for this purpose)? Did they push for a particular vendor? 

Ask to meet your team: Chances are that the team giving you the EHR presentation will not be the actual team who will work with you. Insist on meeting the team you will get for EHR consulting services. Check their experience and past work.

These factors are meant to help you select the right consultancy firm. Professionalism and clear communication are two other factors that you must look out for.