How to Prevent Sweat in Summer

Prevent Sweat in Summer

Summer in tropical countries such as India does not bring any sort of good news with it. With winter coming, people gets ready for the upcoming heat waves that officially be staying till July, but we all know that summer unofficially stays in India till November. And in the recent past years, we have witnessed vast climatic changes throughout India, showing the people how summer can be horrific even in some people’s dream.

Morning in summer is tiring, full of loo along with irritating humid conditions. The continuous feeling of being sweaty is also additional perks ones get with the presence of the summer season. The constant sweaty feeling can easily make someone furious.       

Since summer stays in our country for a very long duration of time, one must learn to cope with the situation in a smart way rather than thinking is as a problem. So let’s have a look at some of the methods we can jot down to bring our terrific summer experience to a minimal pleasant one.

Some natural or homemade remedies to fight with sweating

  1. Consume light

Since summer is voluntarily providing us with enough heat outside as well as inside our body, it is best to have light food during the summer. A heavy food makes our body sweat a lot. Red meat and junk food such as rolls, noodles, burgers, and pizzas is best to avoid in summer because they make our body sweat more.

  • Wear light

Summer is the season for cotton clothes. Cotton is the best fabric that helps to calm down the exterior body temperature thus helping us to sweat less. If your body does not get to breath properly that might lead our skin to sweat more and that leads to many skin infections which might make life really hard during the summer. So it is advisable to wear cotton to sweat less for surviving the summer.

  • Use less on skin

This section is especially for people with oily skin. People with normal to combination skin can also take this into consideration. People need to take care of their skin, but in summer it really gets hard for oily skin types, since oil secretion really doubles up during the summer period.

The products that one needs to use on skin acts as a barrier for the skin to breathe making our body to sweat more. Hence natural ingredients such as aloe era gel need gel, green tea gel, tea tree gel helps a great deal in preventing sweat, since it readily gets absorbed in the body. Water based and antibacterial products should be used side by side during summer season to prevent sweating.

  • Usage of ice and cold water.

Ice and cold water really helps in closing down the pores in our body. It really helps a great deal in reducing down the openings the sweat glands in our body thus preventing it from sweating. Take a bath in cold water, and try to take shower multiple times. Keep the after baths products in refrigerator cause when applied it will help in shrinking the pores of the body making it sweat less.

Application of ice on face and in feet has also proven helpful. When ice is applied it clears out the sebum present in the pores and also helps in calming down the heat in the face, making it feel refreshed for some time. People wearing covered shoes in the summer in order to prevent tanning leads to making the feet sweat a lot more than usual making it smelly and infectious. Application of need gel ice cubes in feet and in between fingers makes your feet feeling fresher and sweat proof.

Cooled alive Vera extract and cucumber extract acts as a natural remedy for sweaty feet. Application of cooled aloe Vera gel or cooled cucumber extract must be after cleaning your feet in cold water with an antibacterial soap.

  • Keeping your place cool 

Keeping your place cool is one of the most important concerns one must focus during the summer season, since after your hectic day one needs to relax in peace. People who can afford in buying air conditioner go for it, and with new age and extreme changes in weather air conditioner is no longer an item that can come under luxury.

It is necessary in today’s world. The one without air conditioner try keeping the curtains and blinds closed till evening, as soon as the sun sets open the curtains to let in the cold breeze. Use mosquito nets on doors and windows to let the air only to enter you place keeping the unwanted i.e., the insects out.

These way sweating will be a lot less than usual in summer. Let’s hope the above mentioned methods helps out for prevent sweaty feet in summer days preventing as well as helping one to fight sweating.