How to Save Recorded Arlo Videos to Your Personal Desktop


We all are very well aware of Netgear Arlo Camera functionality, it automatically starts recording the footage when it found some movement or motion within its surveillance zone. These videos can be easily watched later with the help of Arlo app which you can download on your Android, iOS, or Windows.

Now you can also even download all the footages at one go and can easily view them anytime with a simple Arlo camera login procedure. Let us understand the procedure to download Arlo videos to your personal desktop. Every Arlo camera holds great potential to record videos for up to 7 days.

Somehow, if you want to record video for a longer period of time, all you need to go for a subscription plan. Now you can also watch these all recorded videos offline, just need to download them. To make it more convenient, we have come up with easy downloading steps to make it smooth for you. Let’s begin with it.

Follow the Tremendous Steps to Save Arlo Videos Smoothly to Computer

  • First of all, you need to open your Arlo app and go with the Arlo sign in procedure.
  • Once you have successfully login in your Netgear Arlo app, then tap on the ‘library’ tab.
  • Now select the date for which you are looking forward to viewing the video recordings. You have only one option to choose the video i.e. to choose it by dates with the green dots.
  • A list of video will display on your desktop screen.
  • Now, all you need to select the video which you want to save into your personal desktop or laptop.
  • You can easily download any of these videos by two simple methods.
  • Either you can download it just by tapping on the ellipse visible next to the video or just by playing the video and then clicking on the download button.
  • If you are proceeding to download video with the first method, then you need to give access to the Arlo app.
  • With the second method to you need have to go for Arlo setup then you need to choose the ‘Download’ option and the recorded video will start downloading.

The video downloading may take a few minutes depending upon your Internet speed and the size of the video file you chosen to download. The video will be automatically saved in the downloads or gallery of your desktop or laptop. Now you can transfer these save videos from your desktop or laptop to microSD card.

We hope that our this particular article section on storing Arlo recorded videos to the desktop, assist you well to download the recorded clips. Somehow, if you are facing any technical issue with your favorite Arlo camera. Feel free to share with us through simple comments. We are eager to help you. Our technical support team is always here to assist you with the best solutions for Arlo cameras.