Inspiring Web Design Trends That Would Help You Design Like a Boss

Inspiring Web Design Trends

Trends are defined as movements in design that have gained wide enough usage so that they can in actuality be recognized as a trend. Design styles are not necessarily brand new, or the newest thing out there, in fact some styles are being followed since decades. But styles are always morphing, they are being revisited, they are always new perceptions about them, new takes and new variations.

As a graphic designer it is essential to take inspiration from the existing and emerging design trends. Not necessarily to copy them directly but it is important to be abreast with the latest in web design.

For entrepreneurs and small enterprises, being aware of trends and knowing what they are is assuring that your brand stays contemporary which is an essential part of your brand’s perception.

That being said lets jump right into it and look at trends that are dominating the web design industry as we speak.

Double Exposure:

This trend is observed a lot in motion design and is recognized by masking imagery with imagery. This trend recently has been used a lot by graphic designers and is gaining massive popularity around the world.

This design style is used in video and motion but it is also used in static design. There is an increased usage of this thanks to the latest design applications available right now which have made it really simple and easy to produce. If you have seen the HBO series “True Detective” you will find this trend being used heavily in the intro of the series.

Electric Gradient:

This trend relies on hyper bright, high Chroma illuminated gradients of colour used to create multiple smooth gradients overtaking the entire image area. This trend is a reaction against material design, flatness and simplicity. This design style is being heavily used in illustration, design layout framing and typographic treatments.

The style can be used as a major idea or just as a small element in a larger web design. Recently in brand identity there has been a resurgence of complexity and the use of gradients. Historically gradients had been really hard to produce in print but that everything is digital there are no barriers to using electric gradients.


Fruitopia is recognized by using fruits as a major visual design element. In this trend we observe fruit being used as a symbolic reference to something else. This can be a great vehicle to leverage colour and shape in a design.

This type of imagery can be linked to a product or just for the use of humour. This design tool is really effective as it catches the attention of the user through multiple levels. Fruit is sensual and taste is a key physical sense and by using fruit designers can make a brand seem colourful while creating appeal with linkage to taste memory of the visitor.

Paper Cut:

This trend can be recognized by the usage of hand cut paper or torn paper using realistic shadows to create physical 3D space. This type of design leverages that handcrafted image trend that websites are using increasingly.

Paper cut designs presents a level of high touch labour intensiveness and is being employed not only in digital design but also in books, posters and other illustrations. This design trend can be used to present abstract shapes or realistic depictions of something sculptural in nature but presented on paper. This versatile styling technique has proved to be really useful as it commands a longer  or a second look for the user visiting a website.

Signed Painter:

This trend can be easily recognized as it consists of vintage sign painter fonts and hand brushed letter forms. Sign Painter uses cursive letters paired with Sahn Serif block letter format and this trend is a reaction against the clean modern and computer generated designs. 

It embraces the hand-crafted design traditions brought into a modern context. Creating this type of design requires a lot of skill and training because not just anyone can do it. In a way it gives homage and preference to a simpler time when designs were not commoditized or digitalized.

Geo Max:

The design trend can be recognized by the use of super clean, simple geometric bright coloured abstract shapes like tubes and circles. This trend is also a continuation of the Neo Geo trend which was really popular in 2019.

The design style references Peter Max’s illustrations from the 1970s or “Yellow Submarine” which was a Beetle’s cartoon movie created by artist Hienz Edelman.This type of design has emotionally appeal to it and seems modernistic.

Graphic designers can use abstract figures and human forms that have been radically simplified. It appears on posters, fruit packaging and is taking web design to a whole new level.

Tactile Type:

This design can be recognized by the usage of unusual materials to create typographic designs. Elements like cocoa, cheese, plastic tubes, rolled paper and even rusted hardware are observed to be used in the creation of such designs.

Again it uses more of that high-touch handcrafted time intensive design and is a reaction against computer-generated modernistic design. It’s visually complex and intense so it demands more attention from the user.

Stacked and Packed:

This trend can be recognised in the layouts that use jigsaw arrangements of typography. The key feature of this design is the interlocking shapes and this design references historical designs like Vaudeville posters, music posters and boxing match promotional designs from the earlier 20th century.

This trend is heavily used to create motivational digital posters and greeting cards. This design also gives value to more simple pre modernistic designs.

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