Is there a need to be residing in PG ACCOMMODATION?


A lot of people leave their home and head towards major cities for green pastures. They are worried about accommodation and wonder whether they would be able to cope up with the escalating renting costs. Even whether you might be able to live alone is another point of consideration. A solace to all these problems arises in the form of PG in electronic city Phase 1 for ladies as it provides an affordable solution to a rented apartment. A group of students can come together and stay in such accommodation. Now the question is what makes PG an affordable option in comparison to a renting option. Let us get to the facts below

Fosters co-living

In terms of the urban population in a country like India, a constant rise is seen. The reasons are many of us migrate to bigger cities or towns for educational or employment opportunities. There is a rise in the need for rental properties but the options are limited. To promote co living among individuals women’s PG near me might seem to be a reliable option. This is all the benefits among young students and professionals; otherwise, they would be forced to reside in a rented apartment all alone. Within a PG accommodation, they can share space and not leave alone.

Just take into consideration the expenses you might have to incur in a rented apartment if you live alone. This would mean cost of domestic help, how to maintain the property, utility bills, and even the furnishing bills along with the rent you might end up paying. This might end up costing you more than 30 % of your total bill amount if you are employed or be it the case of a student. When it is a PG accommodation there is no need to incur such expenses. Just you need to pay the monthly bill along with other expenses through the rest of the expenses are taken care of by the accommodation provider.

Close proximity

PG accommodation is run in a manner where the needs of the target audience are kept in mind. Obviously, you might be close to the educational institutions and even the commercial hubs. For all those who are residing in such accommodations, this ceases to be a major benefit. The moment a place is close to your office or even your educational institution there is no need to be spending a lot of time on travel. In any case, most of the time the facilities provide good social along with civic infrastructure.

Personal development

This is an unparalleled benefit of residing in a PG. Once you are residing in a PG you get to mingle with people from different wakes of life and learn or educate yourself better. To mingle, discuss and taking part in creative activities could provide you a good time after work or even after college.

Last but the most important piece of advice with a PG is that it provides you with a secure and safe environment.