Is There Any Age Limit for a Heart Transplant?


Heart Transplant is one of the most complicated surgeries performed on a human body. The surgeons suggest Heart Transplant surgery in India, only when there is no other option for the treatment. The doctors in India perform heart surgeries on the patients if the candidate qualifies all the screening tests.

Most importantly, the patient must not be obese or a chain smoker, at the time of surgery. There are a few other essential factors that are considered at the time of the operation. However, it may vary depending on the medical condition of the patient, the reason for the heart failure, cause of heart disorder and much more.

If we talk, about the age of the patient for the surgery, it depends on the clause of the treatment institute and also on the surgeon.

Eligible Age of the Patient for Heart Transplant:

While there is no lower age limit for the patient undergoing the treatment, the upper age limit can be defined. In most of the treatment centres, the surgeons do not perform the transplant on the patients above 70 years of age. It is because most of the patients above the age of 70 years have other health issues that are not favourable for the surgery.

Doctors check the functioning of almost all the organs before beginning with the transplant. The function of the kidney, liver and lungs all are essential for the efficient operation of the entire body. The improper flow of blood in the body can be because of the inappropriate performance of any of the organs causing heart failure.

Also, the doctors check for the absorption of oxygen by the body. If the body does not obtain an adequate amount of oxygen, then the surgeon performs other tests to analyse the life expectancy after the transplant. However, if the patient has higher chances of living without the surgery, then the doctor suggests not to undergo the transplantation.

Most of the time in older patients, neither the blood flow nor oxygen is as per the expectations. Also, different parts of the body like hands, legs, ankle, stomach and lungs are bloated. The doctor first prescribes the drugs to improve the physical health of the patient. If there is a considerable improvement, and the patient qualifies all other tests, the surgeons may consider the patient for the treatment.

But, the chances of the survival of the patient undergoing heart transplant after 70 years of age are usually not more than five years.

 Final Words: The success of the treatment, in a patient, depends on the experience of the surgeon too. It is possible for the top surgeons of India to rescue the patients to live even in most complicated conditions. Most of the surgeons here do not consider the age of the patient if he does not suffer from any other medical disorders, and all the situations are in favour of a heart transplant. The Cost of Heart Transplant in India is also very reasonable and within reach of the common man.