Italian Bakery Explained: 4 Best Italian Cookies to Order Online

Italian Cookies

It is no surprise that Italians are good at cooking. Whether it’s about traditional dishes or quick snacks, there are many famous foods whose origin belongs to the gorgeous European country. From pizza and pasta to desserts, you can have a plethora of iconic dishes that taste delicious only in Italy.

However, there are a few Italian foods that you can taste in any region of the world, and traditional cookies from the country are some of them. You can visit a reputable store and order the best Italian cookies online to receive them at your doorstep.

Whether you are visiting a well-stocked bakery or an online store, you come across different types of biscuits from Italy. Although many options make you choose some cookies that you never tasted in your life, they also make it a challenging process to pick only a few of them. Which are the best traditional cookies from the region to order online?

Here, in this guide, we introduce you to some of the widely popular cookies from the region that you can order online.

  • Biscotti

A list of traditional cookies from the European region is incomplete without biscotti in it. Invented during the mid-1850s in Prato, Italian biscotti cookies are twice-baked biscuits that are dry and crunchy. The oblong-shaped biscuits, also known as cantucci, are made of flour, eggs, almonds, and sugar. You can get biscotti online and enjoy them with a traditional drink like Vin Santo.

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  • Amaretti

Amaretti holds a very special place in an Italian bakery. Originated in Venice, these are crispy cookies that taste a little bitter due to almonds in them. They are made of almond paste and also include sugar and egg whites in them. They can be chewy or crunchy, depending on the recipes used to bake them. Some popular Italy-based brands also make these cookies in their own ways. As they are widely popular, you can buy them online from a reputed online store.

  • Gocciole

You may have tasted various kinds of chocolate chips, but Gocciole cookies are different in many ways. Made of traditional recipes from the region, the biscuits come with drops of chocolate. They are made of wheat flour, chocolate chips, sugar, sunflower oil, raising agents, and butter. They make the perfect Italian chocolate cookies to buy online and experience the traditional taste from the region.

  • Puff Pastry

In case you are looking for soft yet delicious cookies from the European country, then puff pastries make the right product for you. Italian puff pastry cookies can be enjoyed as a snack at any time of the day. Apart from that, you can gift them to your loved ones. All you need to ensure is that they are made by an Italy-based brand.


From appearance to taste, there are many things that differentiate the best Italian cookies online from biscuits you get from your neighbourhood store. Reach a reputable online store and explore it for the best cookies from the European country. Order the right products to experience the traditional taste of the region.