Jobs in Quebec 2019 – Occupation In-demand list Quebec

Occupation In-demand list Quebec

Canada provides immigrants all over the world with different immigration pathways so that they are able to move to Canada with easy and simple processes. For Immigrants looking to move to the provinces/territories of their choice, Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) is the way to go for. Every province has PNP so that they are able to nominate the skilled and capable immigrants for the permanent residence in the province. By doing so they are able to meet the local labor market demands and help in the development of the province.

How to immigrate to Quebec in 2019?

Out of 10 provinces in Canada, Quebec is the only province that does not have the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). For skilled immigrants, Quebec province has their own immigration program that allows them to invite potential immigrants that want to live and work in the province. Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) provides an immigration pathway to skilled and capable immigrants to live and work in the province and help in the development of the province.

What is the Quebec Immigration Eligibility Criteria 2019?

Like any other province’s provincial nomination program, QSWP also has different requirements and eligibility criteria that candidates need to meet in order to apply under this program. QSWP is a point-based system that allows them to filter out capable immigrants based on various selection factors. For a single applicant applying under the QSWP, they have to score at least 50 points and for the applicant applying with their spouse or common-law partner they have to score a minimum of 59 points. 

Now, these points are awarded to the candidates based on the following selection factors –

  • Training (Maximum 26 points)
  • Work Experience (Maximum 8 points)
  • Age (Maximum 16 points)
  • Language Proficiency (Maximum 22 points)
  • Quebec Connection (Maximum 8 points)
  • Characteristics of Spouse (Maximum 17 points)
  • Validated Job-Offer (Maximum 10 points)
  • Accompanying Children (Maximum 8 points)
  • Financial Self-Sufficiency (Maximum 1 point)

Note: Getting the one point under the Financial Self-Sufficiency factor is compulsory in order to be eligible to apply under the skilled immigration program.

Having language proficiency in the French language is also a must as Quebec is French-speaking province. For proving their language proficiency, candidates have to take the Test d’evaluation du francais (TEF) that is recognized by the Canadian federal government.

Now, candidates need to follow two steps to apply for permanent residence in Quebec province:

Step 1: First, candidates need to get Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). Having this certificate signifies that the candidate is able to meet the evaluation of the Quebec immigration office and is selected by the Quebec province to settle and work in the province.

Step 2: Once they are able to get the CSQ, they can apply for permanent residence to the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC). They have to submit their application of Canada PR visa with the CSQ certification. 

What are the documents required to apply under the QSWP 2019?

Candidates applying under the skilled immigration program – QSWP, they are required to submit their application with a suitable set of documents as required by the Quebec Immigration office. Some of the documents required are as follows:

  • Financial self-sufficiency contract
  • Photocopy of a valid passport
  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • Original passport-sized photos of all family members immigrating to Quebec
  • A certified true copy of all internship agreements completed as part of a study program
  • Documentation supporting the Candidate’s work as a self-employed person or contractor
  • Original or certified copy of Income-tax return to prove the legality of work experience of Candidate
  • For proof of language proficiency in French language, candidates have to provide with their score in TEF examination.

What are the Minimum funds required to settle in Quebec Province?

As mentioned above, having one point in financial self-sufficiency is mandatory in order to be eligible under the skilled immigration program. For the same candidates have to show certain amounts of funds to support their move to Canada. Quebec Minimum Settlement Funds Requirement is as follows:

  • 1 adult – CAD $3,016
  • 1 adult & 1 child – CAD $4,052
  • 1 adult & 2 children – CAD $4,574
  • 1 adult & 3 children – CAD $5,096
  • 1 adult & 4+ children – Add CAD $522/child
  • 1 adult & 1+ children – Add CAD $1,406 /child
  • 2 adults – CAD $ 4,422
  • 2 adults & 1 child – CAD $4,952
  • 2 adults & 2 children – CAD $5,347
  • 2 adults & 3 children – CAD $5,739
  • 2 adults & 4+ children – Add CAD $393/child
  • 2 adults & 1+ children (18+ years of age)  – Add CAD $1,406/child

Also once the candidate has submitted their application, they also have to pay a certain amount of fees for application processing. These processing fees are as follows:

  • Main applicant – CAD $773
  • Spouse or Common-law partner – CAD $166 each
  • Dependent Children – CAD $116 each 

Quebec In-demand Occupation list 2019

After knowing the basic details of how to be able to apply under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), following is the list of some occupation that is in-demand in the province of Quebec:

  • Human Resource Managers (NOC – 0112)
  • Banking, Credit and other Investment managers (NOC – 0122)
  • Engineering Managers (NOC – 0211)
  • Computer and Information System Managers (NOC – 0213)
  • Administrator – Post-secondary Education and Vocational Training (NOC – 0421)
  • Sales, Marketing and Advertising Managers (NOC – 0611)
  • Manufacturing Managers (NOC – 0911)
  • Financial Auditors and Accountants (NOC – 1111)
  • Financial and Investment Analysts (NOC – 1112)
  • Securities agents, investment dealers, and brokers (NOC – 1113)
  • Other financial officers (NOC – 1114)
  • Human Resources professionals (NOC – 1121)
  • Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting (NOC – 1122)
  • Human Resources and Recruitment officers (NOC – 1223)
  • Assessors, Valuators, and Appraisers (NOC – 1314)
  • Physicists and Astronomers (NOC – 2111)
  • Geo scientists and Oceanographers (NOC – 2113)
  • Biologists and Related Scientists (NOC – 2121)
  • Civil Engineer (NOC – 2131)
  • Mechanical Engineers (NOC – 2132)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NOC – 2133)
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers (NOC – 2141)
  • Aerospace Engineers (NOC – 2146)
  • Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers) (NOC – 2147)
  • Other Professional Engineers, n.e.c (NOC – 2148)
  • Information Systems Analysts and Consultants (NOC – 2171)
  • Database Analysts and Data Administrators (NOC – 2172)
  • Software Engineers and Designers (NOC – 2173)
  • Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers (NOC – 2174)
  • Web Designers and Developers (NOC – 2175)
  • Chemical technologists and technicians (NOC – 2211)
  • Biological Technologists and Technicians (NOC – 2221)
  • Agricultural and Fish Products Inspectors (NOC – 2222)
  • Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians (NOC – 2231)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians (NOC – 2232)
  • Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technologists and Technicians (NOC – 2233)

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