Know What Parts Make Up a Pair of Cowboy Boots


If you have eventually decided to purchase a pair of cowboy boots, it is a great thing. A pair of stylish cowboy boots will add to your look like anything apart from enhancing your personality.

But, there are not many who understand cowboy boots well, and you might be the one who fails to identify all the parts of the boot.

So, it certainly makes sense to make some efforts to identify the various parts of a pair of cowboy boots. Here are the parts:

Pull Straps

Boot Pull Straps are present on the upper portion of cowboy boots. But some boots do not contain such straps but have holes in place of straps. Whether straps or holes, they help you to pull the boot on.


Stitching is found all over a cowboy boot. Stitching keeps all parts of a boot in place and restricts the parts from sagging or falling over.


The shaft is the upper part of a cowboy boot that protects your ankle and lower leg. The length of the shaft varies depending on the style of the boot.

Heel and Boot Toe Box

The heel and the toe box give a cowboy boot its characteristic shape. They are found on the lower part of the boots.


The vamp is found at the front area of a cowboy boot. It lies at the top part of your foot. It is the toughest part of a cowboy boot as it bends a lot. Usually, the vamp has a lot of stitching on it to strengthen it.

Outer Sole

The outer sole is the lower part of the boot that gets contact with the ground. You can also replace the outer sole if it gets damaged. A cobbler can help you replace the outer sole.

Acquiring a pair of cowboy boots is not a simple affair at all. You need to put your mind heavily into it. Read the infographic in this post that will serve the purpose of a cowboy boot buying guide.